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F3 MeCa | June 13, 2021

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Uganda Send Off Party

  • When: 01/28/2020
  • QIC: Hot Wheels
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels, Sterling, Escobar, Skipper, Guinness, ONJ, BLIP, Landlord and Brutus

Brutus and Landlord head out this week half way across the world to love and serve people at the Orphanage operated by started by Brutus and his M years ago.  9 PAX posted to celebrate their journey, encourage them in their to GO and get a solid beat down in the gloom.

Warm O Rama

Tour d’ Cul-de-sacs – Mosey down Saxonbury to first Cul-de-sac on the right for 29 SSH, Mosey back out, to the right and right into the next cul-de-sac for 15 Cotton Pickers and 14 Wind Mills, Mosey back out for a quick right and a left to the next cul-de-sac for 29 IST, down and to the right again to head back for one more cul-de-sac, all up hill, and arrive for 29 low slow squats.  Final stop back at Intake but we discover a few late comers had arrived and missed that initial departure, so on down to the Cell Block to pick them up and complete Warm o Rama, 29 slow Mercins.

The Thang

Head to the library to check out 3 tires and 6 cinder blocks and return tot he Cell Block.  In teams of 3, 1 partner was the timer flipping tires cross court and back while partner 2 and 3 worked the exercises as follows;

Round 1 Curls w/Coupon

Round 2 Squats w/Coupon

Round 3 Extenions w/Coupon

Round 4 Bench Press w/Coupon

BLIP breaks a cinder and goes to check out another one from the library, prompted by some patented Sterling Mumblechatter, the Q holds…..holds….holds…until the BLIP returns, and then calls for the return of all checked out items back to the library. ( Love these F3 moments….ALOT )

Next – Mosey to the Great Wall for 20 Muscle Ups and 9 Donkey Kicks

Next – Mosey tot he Gun Range for 9 Pull Ups and 20 Dips


29 LBC, 29LF and 29 second plank hold……Recova, Recova,Recova

Landlord and Brutus are off to Uganda and today’s pain was our way to usher them out.  According the Mission Servants web site, there have been 28 trips to Africa and our 29 rep count for all exercises was to honor this trip, the 29th trip to Africa.  Only, there was no Blog updates for the current team in Kenya, which is the actual 29th team to go, Brutes and Landlord will mark the 30th trip to Africa.  So we have two options here, Landlord leaves on the 29th so we could call it even, or Brutus can do 30 Burpees everyday he’s in Africa, please vote in the comments.

Prayers for the team going to Uganda, Brutus, Landlord, and 8 others including an F3 2.0.  Prayer for the M and 2.0’s from Landlord tribe fighting the flu at home to be healed and comforted while he is away and for Kathy, Brutus’ M that she finds peace and protection while her Hero is off to serve the world.

I’ll be your Speed for Need Q in 2020, feedback please, how could we better support our community, racers, pushers, race events and include our families?



  1. HotWheels

    30 Burpees for Brutus

  2. Man Down

    Sorry to miss guys. Had a prior commitment to meet an EH at Highlands. That said, I DEFINITELY vote for the 30 burpee option!

  3. Brutus_MECA

    Thanks Guys! I’ll let you know how those Burpees go.

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