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F3 MeCa | October 30, 2020

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12 Days of Christmas delivers the Loveboat

  • When: 12/4/2019
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Ticonderoga, Loveboat, Pharaoh, Kojak, Torch, Uecker, Buck, Spauldini, Grassy Knoll, Rerun

Tis the season and YHC wanted to get on the bandwagon – or drive it- of 12 Days of Christmas routines.  Lo and behold, at the end of it all, the gift that awaited was none other than the Loveboat itself.  If this makes no sense at all, stayed tuned and feel free to consult

529a, start the disclaimer, 530 take off on the routine mosey through the parking lot, add in some side shuffles and high knee skips, end up at the flag pole near the blocks.

  • SSH x12 IC
  • Merkins x12 IC
  • IST x12 IC
  • Little baby arm circles forward and backward
  • Michael Phelps (just to get your daily pat on the back, might be the only ones)

Grab a block and head back to the parking lot for the routine.  Do the day’s exercise and the day’s number of reps (ex. on Day 3 do 3 RBCs) plus all preceding days as well (ex. on Day 3 do 3 RBCs plus 2 LBCs plus 1 lap).  The number at the end equals the total number of reps after doing all 12 days in the sequence.

  • Day 1: Lap (roughly 450ft loop in the parking lot) – 12
  • Day 2: LBC w/ the block – 22
  • Day 3: RBC w/ block raised – 30
  • Day 4: CDD – 36
  • Day 5: 180 jumpsquats – 40
  • Day 6: WWII w/ block – 42
  • Day 7: Merkin – 42
  • Day 8: Plank jacks – 40
  • Day 9: Hillbilly squats w/ block (9 each leg) – 36
  • Day 10: Staggered merkins (5 LF, 5 RT) – 30
  • Day 11: Table Tops (11 each leg) – 22
  • Day 12: Block Burpees – 12

While waiting for everyone to finish each sequence, added in some additional block burpees but then around day 5 switched over to just hopping in place.  Whole goal is to avoid standing around.

Finished the routine about 610, returned the blocks, then moseyed back to the parking lot for a quick Mary of Crunch Frog x12 IC.

Recover Recover



  • As of today at 811a, still 2 kids left to adopt for the Orphanage Christmas Party Dec 18.  Check Harrisburg Slack channel for full details.


  • Buck gets shots today for his back, sounds like fusion is in his near future
  • Continued recovery for Bullseye and Submarine from back issues

COT, pray it out



So a new guy showed up yesterday after being told to check out F3 by his boss.  He came back out for his first beat down today, hence it’s name time.  Tillmon Cook explained that he spent a semester at sea on a cruise ship during college.  Forget about his affection for Aaron Judge or his mathematical economics ability or his running with the deer on Tuesday.  From here forward his F3 name is Loveboat.  Afterwards, he confessed that the ship he was on was the German Loveboat and that he had to look it up on YouTube.  At 23 I’m pretty sure he’s never seen the American TV series or else more proper names like Cruise Director Julie, Captain Stubing, or Gopher would have been suggested.

Great push today guys.  The first few days might have been too easy but the last few were the great equalizer.  Block burpees always brings out the smiles and cheers.

As mentioned, look around and see who is missing.  Don’t let guys slip through the cracks.  Reach out and see what’s happening to guys like Mayhem, Bunnion, Dr. Suess, Beetlejuice, Berlin, Sausage, Dial Up, and others.

Peace out homeys!



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