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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Post Turkey Pain

  • When: 12/02/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Silas, Nimbus, Spackler, Change Order, Hugo, Othello

YHC was feelin’ a little “fat” after all that pie, giblets and gravy this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  No better way than to hold a beatdown where we can burn a few calories and get back on track.  0520 I arrived and contemplated one more minute in the ‘burban soaking in the heat from the heater on high. 0525 I braved the elements and left the safe confines of my truck.  Immediately noticing, it was not to bad outside, oh no, there’s the wind, it is bad.  Oh well, suck it up.  I plant the flags and wait for the crew to arrive.

0530, we have 6 men with balls, larger than their peers who fartsacked, to take on the gloom, here we go!  Lousy disclaimer said, we mosey over to the Korean War Memorial.  Warm-O-Rama went something like this:

  • No SSH, saving it for later…..
  • IST x15 IC
  • Windmill x10 IC
  • Mt. Climber x15 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

Recover and mosey down the sidewalk to the gravel lot, into the park and circle up in the center of the soccer field for some Deconstructed SSH’s – only 10.  Never did these before, your are missing out.  These are a @Deuce specialty!

Mosey using the paved path to the small Tennis Courts.  There we lined up on the sideline and did:

  • Burpee Broad Jumps with LBC.  Increasing by 1 as we jump towards tho opposite fence.
  • Low Flutter x15 IC
  • About-face
  • 1 walking Lunge (ea leg), 2 Merkins, 4 Air presses.  Keep walking lunges at 1ea but increase the merkins and air presses by 2 (i.e. 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, etc)
  • Low flutter x15 IC
  • About-Face
  • Tennis court line (every line) suicide.  P/U the six

Mosey over to Pork Chop Hill, line up at the bottom and proceed with:

  • Quadraphelia up the hill
  • Crawl bear down
  • Crawl Bear back up
  • Regular down

Mosey over to the Shovel flags for a little….


  • The Squirm x10 IC
  • Box Cutter x10 IC
  • Oblique Sit-up L/R x10 IC



  1. Tuesday Run – Head and Shoulder Q, come post!  Pre Run at 0500 (really 0450)
  2. Rest of the week is full-o-Q’s, don’t fartsack, post!
  3. Gremlin Recon Saturday at UNCC, West Deck 0700
  4. Mint Hill 5k at the Vet, Saturday 0900
  5. We are going to have a F3 Mint Hill table at the 5K.  Come and be part of this, even if you are NOT racing.  We need our brothers out in force so that we can EH other sad clowns who need us! AYE!


  1. Silas – strong work, got there early I see, staying warm in the truck, taking after me are you?
  2. Spackler – good job today brother, you are getting stronger, keep posting!
  3. Nimbus – Good luck with all of your exams and classes.  You have a tough load and continue to post like a champ! AYE!
  4. ChangeOrder – I am looking forward to your Q one day brother.  You need to give us all a Spartan lesson.  However, your counting during the deconstructed SSH’s needs a little work.
  5. Hugo – good to see you again brother!  Glad all is well with the new house.  Always an honor to have such an old man join our group 😉 #stillstrongerthanme.
  6. Always an honor to lead brothers! SYITG



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