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F3 MeCa | July 11, 2020

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A Cold Peak 2 Peak…

  • When: 11/14/2019
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Habs, Talladega, Rerun, 4-Wide, Pharaoh, Terrible Towel, Uecker, Yellowcake, Almost (guest from Atlanta), Kojak, Spauldini, Hop Hunter

Thursday lately at the Dawghouse has provided an opportunity to get a little faster with some quality track work.  There have been some rumblings about it, but for the most part the pax have embraced the challenge… all while getting better.  Since YHC grabbed the Q a couple weeks back, the plan was track work.  After some careful consideration just before falling asleep last night, YHC decided we would work on speed with a different approach this week.

YHC came in hot at 5:29 to see a large gathering of Dawgs ready to roll.  YHC closes the car door, started the watch and ran thru the pax and said let’s go.  We almost made it Pitts School when a big red Caddy slowly rolled in with some old guy hanging his head out the window wanting to know something about our route.  Not wanting to let one of our elders run alone to catch up, the pax circled back to pick up coach Pharaoh… hoping he would say a quick goodbye to his beloved heated steering wheel.  The extra commotion gave YHC time to figure out we were 12 Dawgs strong on this fine cold November morning (10 runners and 2 ruckers).  Now that we were finally down to business, YHC ran the pax on a 1 mile warm up as we headed to heart rate hill.  We circled up once in position and announced everyone’s favorite… Peak 2 Peak.  The pax got in about 4 circuits before it was time to head back.  We then cruised over around the head of the bird, saluted the flag and then made our way back to the kennel.

The pax knocked out 4 to 6 miles while getting in some good HUNTERSVILLE HALF prep work.  Also, cool to have “Almost” from Atlanta out for another visit in the gloom.  I learned how he got his name because he almost spit on my foot.  Great work men and way to embrace the suck!   #ironsharpensiron

PS:  the Ruckers were spotted a couple times along the way, so i would suspect they accomplished their goal of carrying heavy sacks from where they started back to where they started.  🤷‍♂️



  • Rerun is picking up the mic on Friday for another epic beatdown at the Dawghouse (Rain or Shine).
  • Reminder to the runners & ruckers to wear vests and lights on our morning runs/rucks.  It’s hard for drivers to see us at times and we want to do all we can to help prevent anyone from ever getting it.


  • Prayers for the family from Pitts School Elementary that were in a car wreck.
  • Prayers for Spauldini, Kojak, Gamma, and Schedule C on their rucking walk about in Jacksonville this weekend.
  • Prayers for Hop Hunter’s mom.
  • All unspoken prayers


Hop Hunter

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