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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Best of Barrister’s Worst

  • When: 11/05/85
  • QIC: Barrister
  • The PAX: #1, Brinkley, Gump, Dutch Boy, Conchito, Sandman, Greek, Murdock, Sully, Bromance, Overdraft, Disaster, Shaft, Chowder, Sugar, Barrister

16 of Highland’s finest showed up to see what YHC had planned, or maybe they just didn’t read the sign-up genius.  YHC decided to bring yet another themed work-out.  This was a best of mash up of the numerous beat downs led by YHC over the last three years or so.  So, this turned out to be the best of the worst so to speak.  I don’t believe it disappointed.

Mosey to the parking lot beside the track.


19 x SSH

15 x IST

15 x Cotton Pickers

15 x Mountain Climbers

5 x Burpees on your own because you must remember the 5th of November

Head to the skunk hill

The Thang

Partner-up, size does not matter.

  • Partner 1 bear crawls up the hill and does 10 Union Jacks while Partner 2 does London Bridge until Partner 1 returns, alternate (Repeato x 3)
  • Partner 1 crawl bears up the hill and does 10 Mercans while Partner 2 does Australian Mountain Climber until Partner 1 returns, alternate (Repeato x 3)
  • Partner 1 runs up the hill and does 20 Lunges (10 each leg) while Partner 2 does Donkey Kicks, alternate (Repeato x 3)


Mosey to Bus Lot


  • Line up at the basketball goal Partner 1 quadrafilia to the last basketball court while Partner 2 does 5 mercans and then tries to catch Partner 1. (Repeato x 3)
  • Welsh Dragon to 5
  • Line up at the basketball goal, bear crawl to goal one and do 5 Carolina Dry Docks, crab walk to goal two and do 5 LBCs, sprint to third goal and do 5 SSHs.

Mosey to Mary

  • Homer to Marge
  • Low Flutter x 20
  • The W x 20


I want to thank you guys for coming out and partaking in the best of the worst of my beat downs over the years.  I could not think of a better way to kick off my birthday than to enjoy some 1st and 2nd F in the Gloom with you guys.  I hope it kicked your butt a little.  The mumble chatter was strong this morning, so strong that the only person who actually heard my disclaimer was Dutch Boy.  Glad to hear the Welsh Dragon is starting to spread around MeCa, it is a killer shoulder workout.  Feel free to still any of my workouts you want – looking at you Dutch Boy and Pavarotti.


Time Laps(e) – May 15-16, 2020 (prepare accordingly)

No Repeat November – if you need help coming up with something, pull a guy aside and ask for help, all of us are here to support one another

GoRuck Santa Light – December 7, 2019 – Family friendly so bring the 2.0’s

F3 MeCa HDHH – THIS Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at Twenty Six Acres

Gremlin – January 18, 2020 – YHC will be participating just like last year (there may or may not be a welsh dragon involved – show to know)

New F3 MeCa Shirts – Information in the pre-blast


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