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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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  • When: 10/02/2019
  • QIC: Booyah
  • The PAX: Hornet, Silas, Chum, Tough Skins, The Body, Othello, Blue Crush

The ole’ Weinke wasn’t really coming together Wednesday night so I just put down some exercises and had a 1.5 mile run from the house to figure it out by the time I got to Bain. I was DEEP in negotiations with myself regarding the plan when Silas rolled up on his bicycle and scared the devil right out of me!  30 seconds later as I passed the pharmacy I had it all figured out.



Mosey with karaoke and reverse over to the front of the main building for COT

SSH x25


Happy Appies x25

Grandpa Jacks x25

Cotton Pickers x25


Pick a partner and run around the building in opposite directions until you meet your partner.  11 hand slap merkins.  Repeato three more times for a total of 44.


Mosey to the hill by the concession stand(or at least that’s what it was in the late 80s) for 11s.

LBCs/Plank Jacks

Squats/Dry Docks



Mosey back to flag for SSH x11.  Stretch for 90 seconds.





My friend Amy Madden died last Friday and she was a cool chick.  I thought she was 44, that’s why I tried to get the exercise counts to 44 but after reading the obituary it turns out she hadn’t yet reached her 44th birthday.  Thankfully her family was large and most of them lived here so her husband and two sons are well taken care of and prayed for on the reg so think of that unnecessary 44th rep we did twice and turn that into a prayer for someone who needs it most.

Adam Butler

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