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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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Month of the Hill, Episode 2 – #TheValley conquers Craver Rd

  • When: 08/07/19
  • QIC: Skipper and Anvil
  • The PAX: Anvil, Ajax, Baby Face, Blip, Gentle Grizzly, Laser, No H, Osceola, Othello, Pleasure, Skipper, Sterling

Skipper had #TheValley Q, first time in a long time (or ever) and he had a plan, but @Anvil’s persuasion to run hills in August won out and 12 pax are better for it!

The Thang:

Run from what used to be Food Lion parking lot across from UNCC campus (old El Dorado launch point) and head onto UNCC campus, straight thru the traffic circle and down the stairs to Jerry Richardson Stadium.  Turn right on Phillips Road which turns into Craver Rd and goes up hill and up hill and up hill.  At least three peaks to that hill and 12 men know it well because we repeated it until about 0605 before heading back to the launch point.


  1. The Valley slack channel (and Precinct slack channel #typical) was quiet when I announced the Anvil inspired hill route so I expected a small showing. #pleasantlysurprisedbutnotreallysurprised #redpill
  2. Runners, add your comments below…





  1. Skipper

    Great run, men! T-Claps to @Ajax and @Othello pushing the pace. #ahoy

  2. Othello

    Strong work today brothers! That hill is no joke. Enjoyed the fellowship with Skipper and lessons learned on the “downhill” from Ajax, AYE!

  3. Great job today and Thanks for going along with my craziness

  4. Guys good job this morning… Sorry I didn’t join you but to be honest this was a tough route and it kinda scared me so I ran a nice easy flat route… you guys are way more manly than me for have done this

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