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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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High-Energy, High-Intensity, High-Impact Three Year PAINniversary

  • When: 07/18/19
  • QIC: Powerball
  • The PAX: Snape, Kool Aid, Glock, Murdock, Barrister, Dutch Boy, Klean Up, Buffalo Bill, #1, Pavarotti, Alcatraz, Brinkley, Warwick, The Juice, Sandman, Conchito, Tootsie, The Farm, Sparky, Gump, Disaster, Shaft, Tiny Dancer, Powerball

24 #HIM (High-Impact Males) made a decision this morning to post for a celebration.  Shovel flag was planted and disclaimer provided, relinquishing any responsibility to anyone.

Extended mosey with butt-kickers and high-knees to…


Side-Straddle Hops, Imperial Storm Troopers, Cotton-Pickers, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, and Burpees (OYO)


Three years of F3 called for some High-Intensity Interval Training.  The emphasis was on anaerobic exercise and to limit the down-time as much as possible.  Participants were instructed to modify, as needed.

Yours truly was asked how much coffee he had this morning.  This enthusiasm and energy was all natural.

PAX started at the first basketball goal.  I call out exercise change every 30 seconds with continuous work.

Circuit #1:

Continuous sprint for 30 seconds (using third basketball goal as marker)
Jump Squats for 30 seconds
Merkins for 30 seconds
Low-Flutters for 30 seconds

Rest for 45 seconds, walking back to starting point.

Repeat, three circuits

Circuit #2:

Continuous sprint for 30 seconds (using second basketball goal as marker)
Squats for 30 seconds
Wide-Merkins for 30 seconds
Freddy Mercury’s for 30 seconds

Rest for 45 seconds, walking back to starting point.

Repeat, three circuits

Circuit #3:

Lunge-walk for 30 seconds
Al Gores for 30 seconds
Carolina Dry-Docks for 30 seconds
Plank for 30 seconds

Rest for only 30 seconds, walking back to starting point.

Repeat, three circuits

Transition to a three-man grinder.  Mumblechatter of “clearly this wasn’t planned.”  False.  An effective teacher always over-plans to maximize activity.  PAX quickly create groups of three.  One at basketball goal #1 doing In-and-Outs, one at basketball goal #2 doing Diamond Merkins, and the third is a runner.  We did this for an unknown amount of time.


Pretzel Crunch (flapjack), Squirm, Circle Merk, and (due to the people’s demand) Mason Twist.



Some announcements:

  • The #19for19PushUpChallenge begins tomorrow.  Check out the 1st F channel on Slack or join the actual challenge channel.  Hopefully future Q’s for the next month just incorporate the Merkins into the beatdowns to make things smooth.
  • Time Laps(e).
  • Upcoming beverage-related run, I believe at Skywalker?  I didn’t hear the details.  Check Slack. Our resident Pastor @Alcatraz suggested a chocolate milk run. I’ll pass.
  • Our numbers continue to be awesome.  Keep it up!
  • @DutchBoy has the Q for Speed tomorrow and Last Call Saturday.  Apparently this is his “swan song” before marathon training.  Show to know.

Prayers for the wife of @KoolAid’s friend who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Additional prayers to everyone who has been impacted by this terrible disease.

The impact of F3, specifically #F3Highlands, has been so much greater than I would have ever expected.  It’s truly an honor to be given the opportunity to lead the PAX.  S/o @TheForce (#F3LKN) for EH’ing me to my first post three years ago and to the countless #HIM of Highlands who inspire me to be a better husband, dad, friend, and leader.

Hopefully today provided some quality 2nd F embedded into the 1st F.

Iron Sharpens Iron




  1. Alcatraz

    Congratulations on 3 years! Great work today.

  2. Disaster

    Well done @Powerball. Thanks for leading us today and thanks for being a valuable member of the Highlands PAX since 2016. (The non-valuable members shall remain nameless for now)

  3. Dutch Boy

    Great beatdown @powerball. Thanks for being a #HIM and welcoming in new members like myself to the PAX

    • You have quickly become a #HIM & leader of Highlands, as well. Looking forward to Saturday.

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