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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Tiny Dancer is stronger than EVERYONE!

  • When: 07/16/2019
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Sandman, Bootstrap, Gump, Sugar, Focker, Pony Boy, Powerball, Warwick, The Juice, Conchito, Ambassador, Barrister, Glock, Tootsie, Shaft, Poutine, Dodger, Pavarotti, Tiny Dancer, Chavez, Snape, Bromance, Kleanup, Disaster

Twenty Four men (GRIFFEY!) showed up at HCES this morning to find themselves facing yet another disastrous beatdown. The PAX (especially @Ambassador) was pleased to learn that there would be little to no running today but they were not as thrilled to learn that there would be some math involved (Actually @Powerball was pleased to learn this but no one else). After a quick yet thorough disclaimer we were off for a quick mosey to the back parking lot that included side shuffles and backwards runs to keep @Dodger happy.

WARMARAMA (accelerated version)

  • SSH IC X 10
  • HB IC X 10
  • CP IC X 10
  • MC IC X 10
  • Merkins IC X 10


The PAX counted off (awkwardly) by 9’s to form nine teams and then moseyed over to the center of the Dropcloth 200 track. YHC had set up nine different pain stations around the track as follows:

  • Pull-Ups (big boy style or bar assisted)
  • Jump Rope
  • Merkins
  • WW2 Sit Ups
  • Dips (on the bench)
  • Jump Squats
  • Mason Twist (2=1)
  • Burpees (boo!)
  • Calf Raises (on the curb…or not)

Each team of 2-3 men was given 60 seconds to complete AMRAP at each station. Scores were recorded on the handy Dollar Tree poster board scorecards and then each team rotated clockwise to the next station. After one full rotation the PAX were challenged to try to beat their previous score on the second time through. Time was (mercifully) called after sixteen stations were completed. The scorecards were gathered up and we completed a slow mosey (the long way except for @Sandman, cheater!) back to the main parking lot for Mary.


  • Low Flutter IC X 15
  • The W IC X 15

COT and BOM and Prayer

Here are the top scores from each station, along with the group average (excluding non-participants). Scores are based on the honor system and have not been audited for accuracy. Some of them were kind of hard to read (sweat drops) but I did the best I could. Let me know if I left someone off. To no one’s surprise one name appears at the top of almost every list:

  1. Pull-Ups – Shaft (32), Sandman (32), Pony Boy (31), Average (21)
  2. Jump Rope – Tiny Dancer (165), Chavez (153), Bromance (150), Snape (147), Average (115)
  3. Merkins – Tiny Dancer (73), Dodger (72), Barrister (63), Powerball (63), Average (46)
  4. WW2 Sit Ups – Tiny Dancer (47), Barrister (41), Focker (35), Average (27)
  5. Dips – Tiny Dancer (91), Dodger (85), The Juice (80), Average (60)
  6. Jump Squats – Tiny Dancer (78), Barrister, (64), Chavez (60), Glock (60), Average (43)
  7. Mason Twist – Tiny Dancer (89), Barrister (80), Glock (70), Focker (70), Average (58)
  8. Burpees (boo!) – Tiny Dancer (27), Poutine (25), Glock (21), Sugar (20), Average (16)
  9. Calf Raises – Tiny Dancer (134), Barrister (113), Chavez (81), Average (57)


  1. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beatdown today and letting me try something new. It seemed like it worked pretty well. Let me know if you liked (or disliked) one of the pain stations and have something else that might work better next time. Maybe we’ll try it again sometime when @Tiny Dancer is on vacation.
  2. Highlands continues to put up strong numbers in July, with average attendance remaining over twenty. It was great to see @Bootstrap and @Conchito back in the gloom today, along with plenty of new guys. Well done.
  3. I hope we got some good mumble chatter today as well. I was breathing pretty hard most of the time but it was great pairing up with @Sugar and @The Juice today. Clearly I was the weak link on our team but I’m playing the age card since I am a good six months older than @Sugar.
  4. Don’t forget that the 19-for-19 push up (or merkin) challenge begins this Friday. See Slack for details or talk to @Poutine about how you can join in. This is a fundraiser as well as a fitness challenge so please consider supporting Speed for Need as part of this challenge.
  5. Time Laps is only ten months away so sign up while there’s still time.
  6. F3 Dads camping is August 2-4 and there still a few spots available. 2.0’s usually range from ages 3 to 16 so feel free to join us and give the M the weekend off. See @The Nanny for details.
  7. Plenty of room on the Sign Up Genius so please sign up to Q if you haven’t done it in a while. F3 works best when everyone takes a turn at leadership.




  1. Poutine

    @disaster, this was a really fun and good beatdown. Most PAX knew their chances of winning any categories were slim when we saw @Tiny dancer in attendance. Great job by the PAX for the continuous recruiting. That is impressive and add lots of energy.

  2. Liked the format, @Disaster. It provided an opportunity for solid 2nd F. I had the chance to get to know new PAX @Warwick.

    As far as the jump-squats and calf-raises data – you don’t count each leg, guys.

  3. Alcatraz

    Looks like @TinyDancer has a chance to set a new Touchdown Beatdown record next Tuesday. Playlist, props and face paint as well as a complementary bottle of water for all participants. All of which designed to make @Gump happy! Someone needs to tell @Thorn to show up.

    • Disaster

      @Thorn is busy practicing his scissor kicks, um, I mean his “lunges” at home as we speak. He’s not going to give up the title lightly.

  4. Barrister

    @Powerball you are just jealous your calf muscles don’t look like mine. Just saying

    • I’ll be first in line to compare calf muscles. That’s my go-to show muscle group!

      • Barrister

        That’s my only muscle group. lol. But this may be the most commented on backblast since I began posting.

  5. Disaster

    This chat is starting to make me uncomfortable 😳

  6. Barrister

    Que @Murdock

  7. Disaster

    Maybe we should stop now before @barrister and @powerball start rubbing oil on each other. 😱

  8. Barrister

    That’s where you take that @Disaster. I worry about you are your fraggle rock porn sometimes. lol

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