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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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The Battle of Covfefe

  • When: 07/13/19
  • QIC: Murdock
  • The PAX: Sully, Tootsie, Disaster, Stretchy, Dodger, Black Sheep, THE Nanny, Sandbag, Barrister, Pavarotti, Snowflake, Avalanche, Illuminati, Brinkley, Red Rider, Glock, Dropcloth, Bling, Bootstrap, Gump, ONJ, Ambassador, Gordo, Sandman, Kool Aid

As the clock counted down to 7:00, YHC was worried we would have six guys.  Then they rolled in, almost hitting 30.  Lots of late comers.

A typical Murdock disclaimer absolving myself and assigning blame upon the City and County was given. Then mosey to Warmarama.

SSH, IST, CP, Merkins, etc…

Mosey to the snack shacks.

Partners figure eights.  Thrice each.  People’s chair with arm presses.  Jump squats.  BTW.

Two lines for an Indian run down the parking lot and back up to the bleachers.  Sun’s out, guns out.  Bleacher presses followed by dips.  10 each, then 5.

Two lines for Indian run to the other end of the parking lot.  Partners race with 50 pounds of weights.  Winner calls exercise for the Pax.

Two lines for Indian run to the Soccer field where tug of war ensued.  Winner called exercise for Pax.

Mosey to Mary.  Gitmo with two runners.  Then three.  Circle Merk.  Low flutter.



Lots of mumble chatter at first. Died down half way through the predicted figure eights.  YHC needs to find a way to make those new again.

Bling’s reverse BTW technique was impressive to many.

The multiple Indian runs were sloppy.  YHC should have called for three or four lines.

I think we scared or impressed or entertained the Gladiators this AM with our bleacher presses. First applause I can recall at any beatdown.

Good partner accountability today.

Stretchy laid me out on the tug of war.  That’s what I get for late partner assignment.

Good times today. Glad is wasn’t humid or hot. Always a pleasure to lead the Pax.




  1. Barrister

    Great beat down @Murdock. The tug of war was very entertaining

  2. Thanks to @murdock for another Q.. keep on practicing one day you will get it 🙂

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