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F3 MeCa | October 17, 2019

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Ultimate Manmosas

  • When: 06/22/19
  • QIC: Dick Tracy
  • The PAX: Scooter, Coppertone, Bull, Wexler, Chaos, Klump, Gapper, Hurricane, Tumbler, Peanut Butter, Constitution, Talladega, Exit 54, Sith Lord

Well, 15 PAX (include 3 2.0s) showed up for a little Ultimate at the Rail Yard. I tried to make it fun and a little different.

THE THANG … and some observations

Rally at golf area, and play Ultimate.

  • @Tumbler is as competitive as anyone I’ve ever seen. So are @Peanut Butter and @Hurricane.
  • I didn’t meet the expectations of @54 with the “2.0 friendly” preview. Sorry, bud. Guess I should have qualified a bit.
  • Speaking of @54, welcome to @Sith Lord. He rallied immensely. #13istheluckynumber
  • @Scooter, @Talladega and @Constitution acquitted themselves well. Great plays all around.
  • @Bull gets the bravery award for grabbing the frisbee off the train tracks.
  • @Gapper also nearly went to meet the tracks face-to-face, but saved it. He made some impressive moves today. I can understand how he was one heckuva infielder.
  • Someone (not to be named) asked if when @Gapper scored, it counted two. I laughed. Sorry, @Gapper.
  • @Chaos showed up at exactly 7:07. @Gapper astutely noted the consistency of his appearances.
  • @Klump, thank you for not making me look bad.
  • @Wexler, thanks for bringing the cones and pennies. @Coppertone is still trying to get his off. I didn’t even try. #braverthanme


Hope some of you enjoyed the manmosas. It honestly wasn’t my best effort – as @Gapper pointed out – but the heart was there.

Check with @Wexler on 4th of July volunteer opportunities. Painting stars, driving golf carts. You know, the usual!

DT out

Dick Tracy


  1. Dick Tracy

    Thank you for being a PAX today.

  2. Which time when I scored did they ask about mine counting for 2? Hard to keep them all straight since it happened so often. Cherry picking has its advantages!

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