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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Squat ’til You’re Done

  • When: 06/21/19
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Hop Hunter, Torch, Beetlejuice, SS Minnow, Uecker, Spauldini, Rerun, Kojak, Buck, Berlin, Turbine

5:30a on the watch, time to begin, disclaimer given but since no FNGs were present it was very short- everyone knows the drill and who is responsible (YOU) and modify as necessary.

10 men left at 5:30, another man joined at 5:31, another joined at 5:33.  So 12 men decided to get the day started with all the fun you could imagine and thankfully the humidity was somewhat lower than Thursday.

We did the usual warm-up with some running forward, running backward, then circling up for some exercises- mountain climbers, merkins, hillbillies, and arm circles.

Then we moseyed over to the tennis courts because Spauldini was anxious to see if he could do a pull-up after his hand injury/forearm soreness.  10 pull-ups OYO.

Here’s the first mention of ‘squat til you’re done’.  I guess YHC was thinking one thing and said another- would have made more sense to say ‘squat til everyone is done’ but whatever, guys figured it out and Kojak was kind enough to mention it at every stop.  Bless him.

Once everyone starts squatting, next exercise routine is the top of the ladder with burpees and dips.  6 burpees /10 dips, 7 burpees / 9 dips, ….., 10 burpees / 6 dips.  Squat til you’re done.

Once everyone starts squatting, stop and move on to 10 chin-ups OYO.

Mosey over to the tire stack, start squatting til everyone shows up.  Stop and partner up for tire throws, P1 and P2 standing about 20-30 feet apart.  P1 does a forward-facing overhead tire throw to P2, P2 does the same back to P1.  Repeat for 10 reps each person.  Squat til you’re done.

Repeat the process but this time the throw is a backward-facing overhead throw.  To break up the monotony of squatting, YHC calls for forward throws until everyone is done.  Somehow someway everyone quickly got done.  Hmmmmm

Tires up and mosey to the back stadium stairs to finish the ladder, this time the bottom rungs.  5 burpees at the top / 1 squat at the bottom, ……., 1 burpee / 5 squats.  Squat at the bottom til you’re done.  Once everyone starts squatting, on to the next exercise.

Partner up for 1-flight wheel barrow climbs, 8 steps each.  YHC didn’t do a very good job explaining this one.  Have to remember to actually speak my mind vs. just start doing what I mean.  1-flight wheel barrow climbs may have been too easy any way, sorry to the PAX for not pushing you hard enough!

Mosey over to the wall for people’s chair and BTTW.  Clock starts when everyone is in position.  10sec count for PC, then 10sec count for BTTW.  Repeat for 3 sets total.  Awesome to hear the guys cheering/egging on/yelling at each other to stay with it, keep it up, you got it!  No quitters today!

Mosey to the ticket booth for yet another exercise since we had the time.  Squat til everyone shows up, then keep squatting til the explanation is done.  8-count burpees w/ a plank jack (what are these, man makers or ???), 10 OYO, go!  Squat til you’re done.

Mosey back to the cars for Mary.  Squat til everyone shows up, then when everyone starts squatting, on your six.

  • 30sec boat
  • 10 WWII
  • 20sec boat
  • 10 WWII
  • 20sec boat
  • 10 WWII
  • 10sec boat
  • 10 WWII

Recover Recover



  • Q Source Grinder this Saturday, Rocky River Coffee in Harrisburg w/ Flipphone
  • Tig getting married tomorrow- praise for Turbine getting his last child to the altar
  • Spauldini gave thanks for the support during his wife’s ordeal- praise she’s doing better
  • Turbine’s mention of a fellow church member, Danny Edwards- breathing on his own again but still a long road to recovery from recent heart issues/stroke/etc.
  • Buck’s coworker with loss of a family member (son?)
  • Yellowcake’s foot, Submarine’s back, Tug Boat’s job situation, Hokie Pokie’s family travel
  • If I missed anyone or anything, my apologies. God knows your heart and your needs, he’s got this!

Pray it out



The goal today was to keep moving and stay busy, plus throw in some things that have kicked my butt in recent work outs so that others can feel the ‘love’ of pain, I mean growth.  The burpee ladder was just a sip of what Bull offered up at Harrisburg with his 15-to-1 ladder.  The tire toss was a throw back (you like that Torch?  throw back- hahaha) to what Buck put us through a few weeks ago.  The BTTW was because of Rerun on Wednesday, but I did spare you the hip slaps.  And I know everyone loves pull-ups so there, everyone gets some!

Seriously, we show up at 5:30 to work out so we might as well make it count.  I mentioned in the COT about exhortation and here’s the real message vs. my paraphrase from the Q source ( :

Exhortation also requires the Leader to dispense the hard kind of love that Influences Movement. It’s the kind of love that responds to “I can’t”, with “bullshit, you just won’t”. That is why F3’s Credo is leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him. Though empathetic to how you feel when you start, we love you too much to let you stay there.

The pain we experience sucks, but it is temporary and all part of the growth.  Don’t let it stop you from moving forward.  Thanks Minnow, Buck, Torch, Uecker, Berlin, Turbine, Hop Hunter, Rerun, Kojak, Spauldini, and Beetlejuice for showing up today.  You guys push me forward.

Peace out homeys!



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