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F3 MeCa | September 18, 2019

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Speed Skater Spelling Lessons

  • When: 05/21/19
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Sparky, Dodger, Greek, Hugo, Parkour, Pavarotti, Kleanup, Sully, Alcatraz, Chavez, Moop Dog, Pony Boy, Gump, Disaster

Fourteen men showed up at HCES in high humidity this morning for yet another disastrous beatdown. @Alcatraz drove in exactly at 530AM pumping out a heavy metal soundtrack to rile everyone up. @Gump was surprisingly quiet during the disclaimer which means he was either sick or has finally given up trying to convince YHC to deliver a standard F3 beatdown without props. After the disclaimer, the PAX went on a short mosey up to the bus lot that included a backwards run to keep @Dodger engaged. Here’s how it all went down

WARMARAMA (inspired by @Alcatraz)

  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 17
  • CP IC X 15
  • MC IC X 13
  • Merkins IC X 11


Mosey over to the big orange cone in the middle of the Dropcloth 500 (TM) track, avoiding the trash and tire tracks indicating the end of the 2019 school year. Partner up in groups of 3-4. Six stations were scattered around the track in a hexagonal shape and marked by small orange cones. Each station was marked with two different exercise options as follows:

  • 10 Pull Ups or Burpees
  • 20 Merkins or Carolina Dry Docks
  • 30 Air Squats or Lunges
  • 40 Calf Raises or Curb Hops
  • 50 LBC or Reverse Crunch (not to be confused with Reverend Crunch)
  • 60 Rocky Balboas or Apolo Ohnos (not to be confused with Apollo Ohno, more on that later)

The teams were instructed to rotate around each of the six stations, completing one of the two exercises and then running back to the big orange cone after each set. After completing a full cycle, the PAX rotated around a second time completing the alternate exercise, returning to the big orange cone after each set. Keep going until we regrouped at the big orange cone at 6:05AM.

Mosey to the guard rail for some extra upper body work

  • Dips IC X 15
  • Inclined Merkins IC X 15
  • Declined Merkins IC X 10 (too tired to make it to fifteen)

Mosey back to the main parking lot, picking up the cones and signage along the way. Take the long way back, returning the big orange cone to its home in front of the elementary school. @Pavarotti was grateful that I chose the cone that was the absolute farthest away from the parking lot, thus increasing the PAX run time. @Alcatraz showed great leadership in taking the initiative to not follow the Q and take the stairs to Mary instead.


  • Low Flutter IC X 15
  • Pretzel Crunch IC X 12 (Flapjack)
  • The W IC X 12

COT and BOM and Prayer


  1. Today’s backblast title came from YHC being called out for incorrectly spelling Apolo Ohno with two ‘L’s on the workout card. Glad to see the PAX is paying attention to the details.
  2. @Gump scored points with the environmental crowd today by picking up some of the parking lot trash and placing it in the trash can. Well done sir. Hopefully you won’t grow your hair out and start wearing tie die shirts to the beatdown.
  3. Speaking of shirts, nice work by @Murdock coming up with some customized t-shirts for the PAX on Slack last night. Apparently @Sparky wasn’t thrilled that his shirt claimed that he was bad with the ladies. The rest of the PAX was too polite to comment on this.
  4. None of the Time Laps crew showed up today. They’re probably still resting up from this weekend. Or in @Barrister’s case they’re still hung over. Hope to see you guys back soon.
  5. @Greek was the overly peppy member of (Skywalker) Group Four this morning but in typical millennial fashion he quickly lost interest and succumbed to the grumpy old guys in our group.
  6. YHC tried to make an announcement about this Saturday’s convergence at Davis Lake during COT but failed miserably. Now that I’ve had my coffee here’s my second chance. No Last Call at MCCP this Saturday. Instead, the PAX is encouraged to attend the convergence at Davis Lake from 7AM to 8AM. Address is 3000 Davis Lake Parkway. Wear your Highlands (or Skywalker)gear.
  7. Thanks to everyone who posted today. This was my first really hot, humid, sweaty beatdown of the year. Plenty more to come this summer. As always, it is an honor to lead the Highlands PAX.


  1. Alcatraz

    For clarification purposes…

    1. It wasn’t heavy metal, it was Macklemore who is described as an American rapper by Wikipedia.
    2. Since the Q seemed oblivious to the Six, I took the stairs because as the Six, I felt it was my responsibility to “bring up the Six”. #rationalization

  2. Alcatraz

    And thanks for leading today @Disaster! Some of those rep counts weren’t easy.

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