Wait! Is that Silas and Toughskins?

Today 4 men rolled out of the fart-sack to put in a few miles and enjoy some fellowship. The usual   suspects were at the launch site at 0500 ready to go, so off we went. The plan was to head out and then circle back in hopes that there would be some additional runners to pick up for the second half of the run. We headed out of the HT parking lot and right on Hwy,51 and down for about 15 minutes or 1.2 miles to Chuckwood (if a woodchuck could chuckwood) and then reverse route back to HT in hopes that maybe today would be the day that there would actually be runners to pick up. To everyone’s (Bill & Myself) surprise, low and behold, what is this? Runners? No way! Yes way!  There standing was not only Toughskins but Silas or as we call him Si (newest member of Mint Hill) waiting to head out for some miles. The group now that we could actually be called a group headed out to Hwy,51 and then left towards Hwy,218. The decision was made to let Si and TS lead the group so that a pace could be held at a “less than Othello” pace, so not to run off the first prospect in quite a while. The route went out for 1 mile and then reverse back to home base where H&S and Othello did a little parking lot oval to cross over the intended 5 mile mark.

Great run today and it was a real treat to have a new member to join the running group