Note to self…Do not announce Sharknado in advance of beatdown…

Well YHC learned a valuable lesson on Wednesday morning…Do not announce Sharknado in advance. Sharknado made its debut to the Afton AO. Unfortunately YHC must have scared the majority the pax off as only 2…That’s right 2 – got up in the morning and to face the Beast. I consider Sharknado a test…A test on your conditioning and mental toughness. During the beatdown, Big Blue and I talked about sharing this gift with the others. When will it make its return…who knows? The Afton AO does a great job filling their Qs…it just may have to be during a scheduled BB or 4W Q. I smell chum in the water.

Disclaimer for 2…seems silly

Mosey to the Office Park

Warmarama for 2…seems even more silly
We did it…15 SSH IC…enough of that let’s tackle the Beast!


1/8 mi run (Run around office park) – 15 Burpees

1/8 mi run (Run around office park) – 20 Diamond Merkins

1/8 mi run (Run around office park) – 20 WWII situps

1/8 mi run (Run around office park) – 20 Merkins

1/8 mi run (Run around office park) – 20 Scorpion Dry Docks

Repeato until time is called.

I think we did at least 5 rounds, but honestly I lost count. Thanks to Big Blue for the conversations!

Mosey to Shelter for Mary
20 Low Flutter IC
20 Low Dolly IC

Prayer – Booter and Audit – speedy recovery gents
Any unspoken prayers