Cruising up MillScream Ridge

5 Cruisers and 1 Rucker got together this beautiful cool morning.  Bos found himself as the sole rucker who couldn’t be convinced to join the cruisers. Disclaimer was given and then YHC was called crazy when explaining that the route would include going up Mill-Scream Ridge.  Blah, Blah, Blah and off we went.


The route this am from HCE.

  • Right at Highland Creek Parkway
  • Right a Clarke Creek
  • Right at MillScream Ridge
  • Right at Christenbury (bunch of right turn.  I guess we are using the UPS model)
  • Left at Highland Creek Parkway
  • Back to HCE


  • Forward fold
  • Lunge position then bring right hand next to right foot.  Left hand reaches up for 10 count.  Then switch hand.
  • Repeat above move with left leg, left hand etc.
  • Alt toe touches IC x30
  • Poutine low flutters IC x15
  • Side crunches IC x 10 each side



  • Dropcloth was not happy to hear that we were going up Millstream (aka Millscream Ridge but he didn’t look like he was feeling any pains going up any hills. Great energy Dropcloth.
  • Going up Millstream Ridge on the tune of Dr. Feelgood was somewhat comical because it didn’t feel good.
  • According to Bos, Barrister couldn’t make the Ruck this morning due to baseball.  What?
  • Nice recruiting effort by Brinkley this morning talking to potential FNG looking for public track.  At first he might have thought about joining us, but when he found us in laying down in middle of parking lot where he could have ran over us, he quickly changed his tune to “Where is the public track”?  Love that Pavarotti told him across the parking lot; “See you Friday!”  That right there probably sold him on F3.
  • Side Crunches got thumbs down by Brinkley and Dropcloth.  They claimed it was hurting their hips and ribs.  They need to come to Mettle so we can put some muscles on those bones!

As much as I don’t not like running, it is certainly easier to run with PAX where I am not focusing on the pain or how much longer I need to go.  So thank you for pushing and motivating me to run.


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  1. Barrister

    I was at the UNC vs USC baseball game and didn’t get to bed until midnight so I smartsacked

      1. Barrister

        I know you went to Wake, therefore you were not taught theses things BUT there is only one Carolina and unfortunately they lost last night

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