Tax Day Penalty

Tax Day and it was time to pay a penalty!  Last time YHC used this beatdown, the PAX had some feedback about how sore they were.  So alas, let’s run it again.  Slow is smooth.  PAX arrived, disclaimer given and off we went.

Lap around the lot


Tempo SSH IC x 20

Tempo Windmill IC x 10

Tempo Squats IC x 20


The Thang


The tempo beatdown was explained.  PAX were encouraged to push themselves during the workout for good form and to muscle failure.


Round 1

Tempo sumo squats x 20

Tempo calf raises x 20

Tempo squat thrusts x 20


Lap around the lot


Round 2

Tempo lawnmower pulls – right x 20

Tempo lawnmower pulls – left x 20

Tempo shoulder pulls x 20


Lap around the lot


Round 3

Tempo Colt 60

Tempo tricep extensions x 20

Tempo chest press x 20


Lap around the lot


Right side lunge x 20

Left side lunge x 20


Lap around the lot



Tempo W’s x 20

Tempo LBC’s with KB IC x 20

Tempo low Dolly’s with KB extension IC x 20



Prayers for Spring Break travelers.


Spring Break RS Happy Hour this Thursday.  Life Alert has promised to bring his funnel and enter the wet t-shirt contest.