You can thank last year’s Q

Eight PAX for some quality time on their faces at today’s alternate site boot camp…


  • Mosey down Main St, circle up, SSH x 20
  • Mosey to the north entrance, Windmills x 15
  • Mosey toward City Hall, IST x 20
  • Mosey back to the Sports Junction

Circle of Pain With UNO

  • Deal cards out to the group
  • Everyone hold plank in a circle and take turns turning over an UNO card
  • For each card, color determines the exercise – red = merkens, blue = shoulder taps, green = Carolina drydocks, yellow = one-arm pushups
  • For each card, the number determines the number of reps
  • After every four times around the circle, run to Hawthorne’s and back
  • REPEAT until time for Mary


  • In-and-Outs w/ hold for 2 minutes
  • Pretzel crunch x 15 each side
  • Circle Supermans for 2 minutes


Lots of discussion this week regarding logistics for today’s boot camp.  Several PAX planned to do the workout then run the 5K immediately after, so your Q had to meet a lot of demands when planning this one.  We ultimately decided on meeting at our regular Wednesday location, and shortening to a 45 minute workout.  I also was informed that a leg-intensive workout similar to the one a certain other Q led last year would not be well-received.

Anyways, as the backblast shows, we spent a large portion on the 45 minutes on our hands.  Pretty humid conditions as well, led to us leaving a solid sweat trail everywhere we went.  Those summer mornings are definitely coming fast .

The highlight of the morning was being a spectator for the race.  @Swami and @Chaos were at RR Coffee to join us.  I told @Talladega and @DickTracy I’ve never been one to stand around and watch a race while sipping coffee, but it’s definitely something I could do again.  Congrats to our many runners today – @Gamma, @Starsky, @HKP, @FlipPhone, @Klump, @Wexler, @Pocahontas, @Riptide, @BurVegas, @Ito…who else?  There were others.

Anyways great job to them and a big thanks to those who posted today.  Hopefully you still had your legs for the race.

/Exit 54