We were supposed to get wet….

We were robbed. Rain forecasted the entire morning with perfect ‘get wet’ temps. But, SkyQ giveth and SkyQ taketh away. RS PAX must have been praying hard – prayers were answered.

Detailed disclaimer and we’re off to the Old School. Warned PAX of a high speed mosey and to keep up but, I ended up there first. C’mon! I’m not even a real runner and no way am I fast – sub-par performance from the PAX out of the gate.

SSH, merkins (slow), cotton pickers, etc, etc. At least the ground was wet.

The Thang:
Mosey to the big lot for a bit of borrowed fun from the DawgHouse AO:
DAWGS – basically a suicide kind thing with 20 reps of the following:
Diamond Merks
Air Squats
and SSHs
Some sprint actin with bear crawls and burpees to finish off.

IHop down the stairs to the dumpster wall. (side bar – The IHop excercise was named after a Statesville PAX with only one leg. (I always like to wait for all of the heartless jokes to be told and then I break it to the PAX that IHop is no longer with us. You know, for personal reflection. RIP IHop)

Partner up for muscle up burpees x10. Timer runs to fake storage container and back.

Mosey to school entrance for a weak low rep version of DORA and finish up with 3 rounds of monkey humpers. Round 2 & 3 at close quarters.

Indian run back to the school for Mary ( which was a bunch of abs stuff)


Thanks for following my lead. Love the Old School! We’re truly blessed to have all the options we have at RS.

My sincere apologies for the tardiness of this BB – Been a rough couple days.

Prayers for a friend of Roomba’s and that family and also continued prayers for Heatstroke’s Father and their family. Also to MC and his family as the grieve the loss of 2 matriarchs.