Turn right – no turn left!

This morning four pax rolled out of bed and came out to log some miles. The mood was a little mixed as greetings were passed and it was 2 in favor of the 63 degree 100% humidity and 2 “not so much.”  Nonetheless the group headed out of the parking lot and took a left on hwy. 51 headed towards “The Vet”.  The route continued up hwy. 51 and the right on hwy 218 or Fairview road where the fun of dodging puddles began and continued for quite a distance. The lead runners stopped short at the gravel lot but then were reminded that the sidewalk did not end there but a little farther ahead. Once at the end the group turned and headed back to the start, or at least that what they assumed. The Q had a different plan and that would be to take a left and head to the bottom of Quail Park hill and then head back out. The breathing was heavier and the chatter lighter, except for the occasional grumble. The route came back to hwy. 218 and then left to hwy. 51 and left again to then finish up at the start for a total of just over 5 miles..

Great run today gentlemen and thank you for keeping each other and myself accountable. We all can come up with several reasons not to show up but for me, all it take is one to get there.”Accountability”