Chains O’ Pain at PileDriver

Another beautiful gloom and big sky moon at Mint Hill.  Let’s roll…

The beat-down:

0530 Warm up mosey around parking lot mixing in backwards run.  

0533 Gather by the Korean war memorial and break out some bear crawls into the center.   Grab some wall for: dips x 10; derkins x 10 (rinse and repeat). Like any good dog, Snoop likes to keep the pax moving along. Let’s jam those out again…bear crawl out the opposite side and up the sidewalk, thru the front entrance and around the parking lot.  COP – squats, merkins, imperial walkers and planks. Pax recite the LordsPrayer while in plank.

0542  Pax spots a whole mess of chains in the back of Snoop’s truck.  ‘’…pick up those chains o’ pain boys…hold’em over your head and mosey.”  Four pax mosey one lap around parking lot. Every one else casual burpees, sqats and flutters.  Four pax return w/ chains and kettle bell. Pass those chains o’ pain around boys…here we go!”  Rinse and repeat x 3. Blow up some rapid fire: SSH, wide arms, and high futters OYO between rounds.

0555  Let’s keep rolling…pax mosey over to wooded trail.  Dump those chains o’ pain and kettle bell. Pat mosey down dark n scary wooded trail, up and down the hill.  Gather at bottom. Snoop breaks into a Gremlin story about his M and three daughters holding on to his memory everyday. RIP brother…

0605 Pax gather in side street beside the park.  Pax mosey up the hill working in backwards run, bear crawls, merkins, planks and flutters.  

0613  Pax recognizes Snoop’s pre-planted ShovelFlag shining in the bright moonlight.  Pax indian run with ShovelFlag back to Korean War Memorial parking lot.

0615  COT

Inside the ropes:Pax was fired up today, pushing Snoop to the limit. Workout went ‘over the top’ status when three sets of chains and kettle bell slammed onto the ground. Pick’em up and run. Pax hauled those chains o’ pain laps around the parking lot and loved it…yes they did! Long run home with the ShovelFlag was icing on the cake.  

Metro is Snoop’s territory but the F3Mint Hill pax has special meaning.  Always emotional when we return to workouts where Gremlin ran with us in the past. Never will forget you brother.

Life can be a ‘mental battle’ sometimes.  Always, during COT in a tight BOM you can figure it out…if only for few minutes. Never forget you are one with your pax.

Always an honor to Q F3MintHill,