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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Conquering Mt. Afton

  • When: 3/30/19
  • QIC: 4-Wide
  • The PAX: Hokie Pokie, Hop Hunter, Guinness, Shooter, Chachi, Red Card, Audit Pre-runners - Booter, Uecker

8 PAX gathered at Dorton Park to see what YHC had in store. Unfortunately for the PAX, YHC had an idea of what he wanted to do but not a real set plan. The idea was to get more cardio and introduce the PAX to Mt. Afton (which the Monday Cruise runners are very familiar with). Mt. Afton a gradual incline hill which gets steeper at the peak and has a beautiful asphalt parking lot at the top. The idea was set…the rest was on the fly. Read all about it:


Mosey to end of the park

SSH x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers – NO CLAP!!!!!!!! x 10 IC
IST x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Arm Circles
Michael Phelps

Indian Run to Mt. Afton – Person at end does a burpee and sprints to front, PAX continue sequence till we reached the valley.

Climbing Mt. Afton:
Partner up at the bottom. Partner 1 runs up the hill while partner 2 bear crawls to the top. Partner 1 runs back to Partner 2 and then switch. Continued switching until both partners reach the top of hill.

At the Peak:
The peak has a perfect parking lot. The PAX each took a parking line. Person 1st would do an exercise and when finished would run to the next available parking line. The others who were waiting their turn did a “Burn” exercise to pass the time. Repeato until the entire group finished at entire designated parking area.

Exercise 1
10 Merkins; Burn – Plank

Exercise 2
10 Squates; Burn – Al Gore

Exercise 3
10 WWII; Burn – Boat

Exercise 4
10 Carolina Dry Docks; T-Planks (Alternate arm when person runs past)

Climbing Down Mt. Afton:
Together PAX crab walked down – Modifier Lung Walks

Indian Run w/ Burpee back to Park

Stop at bridge – 2 rounds of Muscle Ups – 10 SC

Mosey to shelter for Mary

LBC x 20 IC
Homer to Marge
Dying Cockroach x 20 IC
RBC x 20 IC
1 Min Plank

Announcements –
Dorton Park Master Plan Community Workshop – April 8th – 5p-7p – McGill Baptist Church
A few will go to provide input on creative solutions to enhance Dorton Park. Discussed better lighting and workout trail stations.


Hop Hunter, Hokie Pokie, Guinness, and 4-Wide went to the local bagel shop to do some 3rd F. Will have to make it a Saturday tradition.

  • On March 30, 2019

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