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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Damn Sidewalk Monster!

  • When: 03/14/19
  • QIC: KleanUp
  • The PAX: Diaster, Tootsie, Poutine, Sandman, Gump, Brinkley, Dutch Boy, Hugo, Alcatraz, The Nanny, Fame, Buzz Saw, Glock, Greek, Dropcloth, #1

17 of Highland’s baddest joined together for a running related beat down.  Disclaimer provided and off we went.

Warm a rama:

  • Mosey to golf course parking lot by way a rabbit hole.  A little left and right side shuffle mixed in on the way.
  • SSH x 25 IC, Cotton Pickers X 20 IC, Plank Jack x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Burpess x 5 OYO

The Thang:

  • Pax lined up on the edge of the parking lot
  • Run to island 1 = 15 ski abs, return to edge of lot
  • Run to island 2 = 15 merkins, return
  • Run to island 3 = 15 plank jacks, return
  • Run a lap around lot
  • Repeato x 3
  • Plank til six arrives

Mosey over the Skyline Drive

  • Up Skyline Drive we go
  • From parkway, up to first street = 20 reverse crunch, back to parkway
  • Up to second street = 20 CDD, back to parkway
  • Up to third street = 20 Mason Twist, back to parkway
  • Plank til six arrives

Mosey back to HCES by way of Rabbit Hole.

  • Grab a partner for series of bike rack merkins/dips, x 20, x 15, x10

Mosey back for Mary


  • Box cutter x 20
  • Mason Twist x 20
  • Plank Hold x 60 secs


  • Another victim of the Highland Creek Sidewalk Monster.  That’s twice this week with Dutch Boy falling victim today. Either that or there’s a sniper in the woods picking off unsuspecting F3 men. Note – Disclaimer in full effect.
  • Reminder to be careful out there.
  • Disaster presented Dutch Boy and Tootsie their first official F3 sticker for participating in last week’s Q school.  Dutch Boy / Tootsie – you know what they say about your first time.  From a distance, it did look like Disaster was gentle.  Also remember those stickers go on your windshield, upper left corner, facing in, below the oil change sticker.
  • Welcome Buzz Saw and thanks for joining us today. You’re welcome back any time and appreciate you leading plank at the end of our Skyline Drive fun.
  • We ran some today, then ran some more.  Cinder blocks next time.
  • Enjoyed it today – hope you did.


  1. Dutch Boy

    Immortalized in the BB, my M is gonna be so proud! Great beat down KleanUp!

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