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F3 MeCa | October 20, 2019

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MeCa GoRuck Star Course

  • When: 06/22/19
  • QIC: The Nanny
  • The PAX: The list is growing....

Saturday June 22nd in Charlotte.  Folks will be doing either the 50, 26.2, or 12 mile version of this official GoRuck event.  Find event details here:

This is NOT the standard GoRuck type of event.  This is much more like a marathon / ultra / endurance event than it is like the normal heavy, tough, light event.  No pushups, no welcome party, no beatdowns.  Just a ton of miles under ruck and navigation.  There are a bunch of resources out there to learn more about it.  Some good ones are All Day Ruckoff and the official GoRuck podcasts.  Look for episodes focused on the Star Course event.

Looking to use this pre-blast as a rally point to gather the troops and see who is doing this event.  Most of our training up to this point has been around The Resolution Ruck, The Groundhog, and ad hoc planned rucks communicated via Slack.  If you have not heard of any of the above, let me know and i’ll get you plugged in.

Pax I have heard about so far:

  1. 50 mile
    1. Heatstroke
    2. Killowatt
    3. Project
    4. BOS
    5. Whatley
  2. 26 mile
    1. Nanny
    2. Pavarotti
    3. Kleanup
    4. Hugo
    5. Barrister
    6. Starsky
    7. Oz
    8. Gamma
    9. Gamma M
  3. 12 mile
    1. Kojak
    2. Schedule C
    3. Spauldini
    4. Hong Kong Phooey
    5. Loafer
  4. Previous 50 mile finishers you can rely on for some insights
    1. Gamma
    2. Gulfstream
    3. Schedule C
    4. Kojak
    5. Spauldini

Who am I missing?

The Nanny


  1. The Nanny

    Looking forward to June 22nd!

  2. Barrister

    How could you forget I signed up for the 26

    • The Nanny

      I knew there was a 0.0000099% of black ice so I figured you had not signed up. My bad. Got you on the list now 🙂

  3. Schedule C, Spauldini, Hong Kong Phooey, and I are doing the 12 miler to see how fast we can finish.

  4. Starsky, Oz, my M and I are doing the 26 miler

  5. I’m signed up for 12 mile

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