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F3 MeCa | August 22, 2019

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“But my wife likes my soccer arms” – or something like that

  • When: 3/8/19
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Hop Hunter, Hokie Pokie, Jordache, Torch, Uecker, Berlin, Buck, Rerun, Kojak, Spauldini, Pharaoh, Big Blue, Amway

Uecker was kind enough to advertise the beat down the night before so YHC had to show up with something worthwhile.  I’ll defer to the PAX to give the verdict on worthiness- hopefully it lasts for a day or so.

14 answered the call, some even came early to get in a pre-workout ruck.  5:30 on the watch so disclaimer given and off to mosey through the parking lot.

Circle up for

  • SSH IC x15
  • Sumo squats IC x15
  • Mountain climbers IC x15
  • Windmills IC x10


Mosey to the tennis courts

  • 2 sets of pull-ups, 10 reps


Mosey to the blocks to find a ‘friend’, then mosey to the parking lot for the main event

  • Partner up at the bottom of the parking lot
  • P1 runs to the first line (40ft), does the called exercise for runners, runs back to the start
  • P2 stays at the start and does the called exercise with the block until P1 returns
  • Switch
  • Proceed to lines 2 (100ft), 3 (160ft), 4 (220ft) and 5 (260ft) doing the same exercise and reps each time
  • Plank up when both partners finish until all PAX are done


  • Round 1: runner does 5 merkins, block guy does curls
  • Round 2: runner does 5 LBCs, block guy does tricep extensions
  • Round 3: runner does 5 squats, block guy does goblin squats
  • Round 4: runner does 5 SSHs, block guy does chest presses


Mosey to put the blocks back, mosey to the cars for Mary

  • Mason Twist IC x15
  • Low Flutter IC x15
  • Table Tops IC x10


Recover Recover



  • Torch shaving his head for Childhood Cancer Research Fund Raiser 3/14, make a donation and he does burpees.  If he exceeds $2000, he’s being pressured to shave his eyebrows too.
  • Prayers that Hop Hunter’s M Becky will pass her kidney stones and avoid surgery
  • Praise that Talladega’s youth pastor’s wife Anita was up/moving after her back surgery; prayers for the road ahead with cancer treatments
  • Q Source Grinder tomorrow at 8:30a, Rocky River Coffee in Harrisburg, Dial-up leading
  • Spartan training beat down tomorrow at 7a, Harrisburg Park, Clueless leading


Lock shields, pray it out, amen!



So during the block festivities, pretty sure YHC heard Hop Hunter make a comment about his wife liked his soccer arms, or she was intolerant of non-soccer arms, or something like that.  The block guy definitely had the short end of the stick when it came to the exercises today.  YHC looked forward to being able to run the lines and get a break from the block.  Amazing too that the amount of mumble chatter got less and less with each round of exercises.  Less talk, more grunt.  Props to those guys who showed up for the pre-workout ruck festivities, you guys doing double-duty are tough!

Speaking of duty, still hearing calls for Yellowcake to be renamed to Duty (Dootie) Manager.

Berlin sounded like Rice Crispies today- hope the ‘snap crackle pop’ of your back was just an episode and not a long-term issue.  Way to power back up and finish the day.

There was talk about Rerun having a cousin in Harrisburg named No-run, something about the guy looked just like him in the face but several pounds heavier.  Uecker said it was proof of what F3 could do for you: start with No-run and end up with Rerun.  Nice!

Was hard to hear whatever was being discussed at the other end of the line today.  I will say that some of it was non-verbal, silent AND deadly.  The crop-dusters were out this morning and full of funk!  I don’t know what some of you guys eat but I hope it tastes better going in than it smells coming out.

Great to see you guys out pushing hard.  Always fun to lead and have guys push.  We have a chance to strengthen our bodies but as Uecker said at the end, the Fitness portion is only one of the F’s and it’s called F3 for a reason- be sure to check the other two F’s out and get your full dose.  Fellowship and Faith are just as important so plug in!

Peace out homeys!!!!!!


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