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F3 MeCa | September 23, 2019

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It never rains here……..

  • When: 02/22/19
  • QIC: Kojak
  • The PAX: Gorkha(R), Terrible Towel, Beetlejuice, Dial-up, 5G, Turbine(R), Spauldini, Talladega, Mayflower(R), Hop Hunter, Buck, Hardhat, Rerun, Dr Seuss, Uecker, Tugboat Willie, Torch

Even on a drizzly morning 18 Top Dawgs came out to see what YHC could come up with.  A weather guarantee was sent out by our resident meteorologist and he didn’t disappoint.  The clock hit 5:30 so on a mosey we went.  Here’s how it went down…….



SSH x 15

Windmill x 10

IST x 15

10 mountain climbers between each



4 stations around the 2 porticos and courtyard.  Do the called exercises and movement between each station.  After each round take a lap around the car rider circle.

1st round:  Merkins, CDD’s, Hand release merkins, Shoulder tap merkins;  Lunge walk between each station;  5, 10, 15, 20 reps

2nd round:  Flutter kicks, Low Dollys, WWII’s, Leg lifts;  Bunny hop between each station;  20, 15, 10, 5 reps



Freddy Mercurys x 20

Homer to Marge x 5


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–Food pantry donations are accepted until the 25th.

–Spartan Sprint April 7th at Porter Farms.  There’s a group running it so jump in.


Prayer requests:

–Tugboat Willie’s nephew

–Hop Hunter’s M

–Eli, Mount Pleasant student, injured in a wreck and is improving

–Torch and his co-workers



–Props to the Pre-ruckers!!!  Didn’t expect that many to show up considering the conditions.  Welcome out Buck and Beetlejuice.

–Dial-up stayed on his Pathfinder track and kept his ruck on for the workout.  He kept moving and didn’t stop.

–Great to have Hardhat visiting from Raleigh!!!  Sorry we missed you on the ruck.

–Between a head kick by Ninja Dial-up and a skinned knee for Hop Hunter, it was a good thing YHC gave the disclaimer.

–Uecker sent out a weather guarantee last night and right on cue at 0530 the rain stopped and didn’t kick back up until right when we were finishing MARY.





  • On February 22, 2019

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