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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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The Third Australian King of the Hill

  • When: 02/05/19
  • QIC: Barrister
  • The PAX: Barrister, Glock, Brinkley, PonyBoy, #1, Disaster, Chowder, Pavarotti, Parkour, Sandman, Drop Cloth, Gordo, Justin FNG now known as Dutch Boy, Chavez

14 Pax made the right decision and got out of bed to join YIC for the third rendition of the Australian King of the Hill.  The mumble chatter was strong, and only got stronger as the work out continued and the skunk smell permeated the nostrils of the mighty PAX for the better part of 30 minutes.


After a thorough disclaimer was given, YHC led the group around to the back of the middle school and the mumble chatter began as YHC couldn’t decide if he wanted to do quadraphelia or karaoke – so we just did both.

15 x IST in Cadence

15 x SSH in Cadence

15 x Cotton Pickers in Cadence

15 x Mt. Climbers in Cadence

The Thang

Partner-up, size does not matter.  At the wall:

  • Partner 1 Crawl Bear up the hill and does 5 Burpees while Partner 2 does Al Gore until Partner 1 returns, alternate (Repeato x 2)  (It was around the completion of the second round that the FNG mention Uranus and there was some serious contemplation of naming him Uranus thus him being the butt of all backblasts forever more.  But alas, it was not meant to be.)
  • Partner 1 Crawl Bear up the hill and does 10 Mercans while Partner 2 does Australian Mountain Climber until Partner 1 returns, alternate (Repeato x 2)  (I believe it was during this set Drop Cloth pleaded with YHC to call an audible and lead the PAX away from the horrendous skunk smell.  @Drop Cloth, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  And @Glock needs to work on his dismounts from the Australian Mountain Climbers, I gave him a firm 5.)
  • Partner 1 Crawl Bear up the hill and does 15 Squats (each leg) while Partner 2 does Donkey Kicks until Partner 1 returns, alternate (Repeato x 2)

Mosey Over to the Big Hill

  • Partner 1 Bernie Sanders up the hill and does 15 Carolina Dry Docks while Partner 2 does Reverse Crunches until he returns (Repeato x 3)
  • Partner 1 Bernie Sanders up the hill and does 15 Lunges each leg while Partner 2 does Reverse Plank until he returns (Repeato x 3)  (The Reverse Planks looked a lot like just sitting.)

Mosey to the Front of the Middle School

  • Partner 1 runs the short loop while Partner 2 does LBC, alternate (Repeato x 2)

Mosey to Mary

Homer to Marge

Circle Mercans Counter Clockwise – a little mumble chatter here regarding YHC digital upbringing (PonyBoy to Glock – “He doesn’t know which way the Mickey Mouse hands are supposed to go.”)


Men, F3 is a great resource, not only to workout and keep your body healthy but also your spirit and your mind.  If you are in a dark place, reach out, and know we are all here for you.  This is a brotherhood, and no matter what there will be someone there to help lift you out of that hole.  This is a community founded on  three basic, but very important principles, each of which can help you when you are at your lowest point.  If you know someone struggling, reach out to them and lift them up.  No man is an island, we all need the support, community and fellowship of others to be our best.

Prayers for F3Schneider’s family.






  1. Disaster

    Well done @Barrister. Those crawl bears up the hill are no joke. I need a nap now. Good work adjusting the beatdown on the fly and ignoring the commentary from the PAX. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the mumble chatter always gets better when @chowder is there.

  2. Disaster

    I’m still disappointed that we didn’t go with @Uranus for Justin. That’s the kind of joke that would just keep on giving. Welcome to the PAX @Dutch Boy.

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