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F3 MeCa | December 7, 2019

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Super Bowl Flippin Beatdown

  • When: 02/04/2019
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Gordo, Pony Boy, Disaster, Slappy, Sparky, Buffalo Bill, Illuminati, Poutine

8 PAX took their angers out from bad Super Bowl game. Would have been much better with a Brady vs. Brees matchup.  But the PAX were blessed by the surprise presence of our Master Q @disaster who posted for the first time in long time for Mettle(or maybe first time ever).  Strangely enough, there were hardly any Kettlebells used but plenty of other props and of course some classic 80’s Rock.  Disclaimer was given then we moseyed to the bottom of the sports Club stairs.


  • People’s chair + air shoulder press x 15
  • left leg x5
  • right leg only x5

Mosey back up the stairs to parking lot for;

  • SSH x15
  • Slow Cotton Picker x 5
  • Wind Mill x 10
  • Michael Phelps x 10

CIRCUIT 1: Partner

  1. Partner 1:  Tire pull, then flip tire, pull in other direction, flip again while Partner 2 try starting his lawnmower.  Others continue until both partners complete the tire pull back and forth. (Counter)
  2. Tire hop
  3. Bus Driver
  4. Ball Slam

Repeat all 4 stations x2

CIRCUIT 2:  Partner

  1. Tire flip with jump x5 (counter) – Partner 8  pds. Sledgehammer.
  2. Sand Bag Toss 30# and 50#
  3. Man Maker 15# and 20#
  4. Battle Rope and Jump Rope.

Partner 1 flips the tire then jump in the middle of tire then out of the tire and continues flipping the tire x5 while Partner 2 beats the crap out of the tire with 8 pds. Sledgehammer.  After both partners complete 5 tire flips, we rotate to the next station. Partners at other stations at the same time as tire flipper who is counter.  Meaning Sand Bag tossers switch from 30# bag to 50# and vice versa, Man Maker partners exchange weight and Battle Rope and Jump Rope switch.

Repeat all 4 stations x2.


  • Tight circle for weighted Mason twist.  PAX perform 4 counts side to side with 18# ball then pass to PAX on the right.  We go around full circle then come back around in opposite directions. That would be PAX to the left for the slow learners.
  • Stretches with left hand next to left foot with right arm pointing at the sky.  Hold for 10 count.  Then place right hand next to left foot and point left hand to the sky and hold for 10 count.  Repeat with right hand next to right foot, then left hand next to right foot.
  • Michael Phelps stretches


  • Happy to see the PAX come out in force considering it was Super Bowl Monday.
  • There were some mumblechatters about over doing it on wings last night thus some motivation for showing up today.  I don’t care, we are happy with the post.
  • Great to see @disaster in attendance. There were some whispers that he might have actually enjoyed it despite YHC leaving small tire and lighter weights in the car.
  • @ponyboy was pretty pumped this morning and actually destroyed one of the slam ball.  He must have eaten his spinach this am.
  • Most of you had the chance to meet my lovely M at the winter gala and heard about how happy she is with the new garage decorations(aka large tires, sled, sand bags, etc).  And yes she is awesome for letting me store those large tires in the garage.
  • Unless Highland Creek Sports Club let’s us store those beauties on-site, the tires will remain in the garage – at least for now.
  • As always, it was a pleasure leading this morning.  I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.
  • Joining F3 is the best workout decision I’ve ever made in all the years I’ve been working out.  Thanks to all of you!
  • Master Q is pretty empty, so sign up to lead.  That is how we pay back for the free workout.





  1. Disaster

    Great job @Poutine. That beatdown was a lot of fun even though some of those muscle groups haven’t been used in a very long time (by me). I expect to be sore tomorrow but it was worth it. Thanks for showing up early to bring all of your props.

    Good partner @Gordo. Thanks for taking all of the heavy weights.

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