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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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YHC’s Final Run at The Valley…for a good while at least

  • When: 2/2/19
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: 2 Step, Laser, Blowout, Buckwheat, Forgotten Jelly, Major Pain, Astrovan, Sterling, Heatstroke

With YHC’s Marathon in Hilton Head next Saturday looming, this would be the final long taper run before truly shutting it down to rest the body.  8 other men decided that mid-30s temps didn’t present enough of a problem to get in some miles.  YHC needed 8 miles today, so there were two routes.

0530. Down Prosperity, right on Mallard Creek and down to ??? – it wouldn’t by a Q’d run by YHC if he truly knew where he was going as we ran a bit long and turned back at Ben Craig as Harris Blvd was within sight.  Apparently, running south on Mallard Creek gives one the “opportunity” for a couple of “nice” hills…you’re welcome.  We all safely return to Tradition with 4+ miles under our belts…or feet…or whatever.

0615.  All depart except YHC, Laser and Blowout.  So up Prosperity, cross over 485, turn right go to Benfield and head back to Tradition.

COT: Prayers, well…to me on my marathon next week.  Bigger prayers to Guinness on the passing of his niece Lydia, truly heartbreaking.

Moleksin:  Great to run with y’all this morning, well done by everyone.  4-14+ miles (Laser added a 3rd leg) Good to see Blowout out there – dude is already fast and only going to get faster.  Sterling kind of seems like my replacement of sorts – not really a runner, but working because he’s got a goal.  I’ve been carrying y’all on Saturdays with the Qs…wink, wink…Sterling would be a good man to pick up a few before his SMR…Blowout too.  Sterling, you’re welcome for the nip advice.  Laser, it feels like you have been out there about every Saturday I have been there – I really appreciate the encouragement and support throughout all of my training, its been invaluable.  2 Step, you need to go ahead and sign up for a marathon in the somewhat near future.  You are a fast man and would kill it.  The “my body isn’t made to go that long a distance” doesn’t fly because…news flash…nobody’s is.  It’s a physical and mental test that takes a lot of work.  You got it in you 2 Step, stop playing hard to get:) Solid work put in today by Buckwheat, Jelly, Major Pain and Astrovan, it’s always solid when you show up.  There have been a whole bunch of other brothers that have been there on these Saturdays I have been out there, and I’m grateful for all of you.  I am honestly pretty self-accountable about putting in work (my diet not so much) but there is no way I would have logged all of these long Saturday miles without all of your support.  Well, next Saturday is “Go Time” and thanks to all of my F3 brothers, I know I will be indeed ready to “Go.”  Y’all keep doing what you are doing here at The Valley and keep helping men achieve their running goals.  SYITG…at some point:)




  1. Heatstroke


  2. Jimmy Buffett

    COngratulations on all your hard work and training. A year ago you laughed the runners, now you’re the rabbit to chase.

    Good luck next weekend!

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