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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Strong Dose of Vance St

  • When: 1/30/19
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Survivor, Daytona, The Burg, Grandmaster, Sun dollar

6 pax not afraid of 20 degrees “manned” up and posted to get stronger.

Warm-o-Rama…mosey to dale and introduce the newbies…Survivor and Daytona to the QIC’s favorite warm-up exercise…none other than 50 SSH’s IC…moseyed to Vance st…i.e suicide hill immediately after for the THANG….

The THANG: started at top of hill this time…

6 burpees at top…Run to first lamp post for 10 merkins and back to top but add a burpee each time then continue back to merkins and onto next stop which was 10 air squats and back to top adding burpee. Third stop was at church door for 10 WWII’s, fourth stop was 10 down dog merks and finally at bottom was 10 Dying cockroaches IC.  By the time you were done you should’ve completed 40 burpees,  50 merkins, 40 air squats, 30 WWII’s, 20 down dog merks, and 10 dying cockroaches IC.  Once completed pax remained at bottom to await further instructions.  Part 2…start at bottom and run up to first intersection for 5 down dog merks and back down then up to church door for 5 WWII’s then down and up for 5 air squats and down and back up for 5 merkins and onto mary.

Mary: no time but just enough time to give The Burg his return gift of a BEAUTIFUL black VT hat that has the lovely state of VA embroidered in maroon and has a star on it where Blacksburg is located and most appropriately beside the star it says “The Burg”.  I seriously considered keeping it for myself but thought better of it.

Prayer requests: Survivor’s wife as they go through the IVF process and the physical & emotional toll it can take, Sir Topham’s & G-Vegas’ wives, and Anita Johnson and her battle with stage IV cancer.

Moleskin: QIC was nervous when he only saw one other vehicle when he pulled in at approximately 0524 but fortunately 4 more quickly followed. Strong showing by the newbies and The burg for coming out on a 20 degree morning…wish I could say the same about those who didn’t post but i can’t!  Learned something new this morning from Sun Dollar and Grandmaster in regards to being very careful when you spell “merkin” as to not spell it “murkin”…however upon further investigation Wikipedia said it’s actually spelled “merkin”…I’ll let you all google to see what a NON-F3 merkin is. The big question is how sun Dollar and grandmaster knew what this thing, that I’m making you all google, was in the first place…I bet Loafer would have known too!

Always an honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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