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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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Valley Speed at RRMS

  • When: 01/28/19
  • QIC: Man Down
  • The PAX: Osceola, R2D2, Laser, Anvil, newly named "Blip", Man Down

6 Pax, one rolling out for his 2nd F3 post, came together in the gloom of the Ridge Road Middle School track. When I had signed up to Q this a couple weeks ago, I didn’t know I would be flying to New Jersey this past weekend to bury my Grandma, who went to be with Jesus at the age of 96. I also didn’t know I would be coming down with a cold (which I’m pretty sure my older brother passed on to me in our hotel room over the weekend). Had I not signed up to Q, however, I would have surely fartsacked today…and that would have been a mistake. I’m so thankful for this group and the guys who keep pushing me even when they aren’t aware that they’re doing so. Anyway, here’s what we did…

  • 2 warm-up laps
  • 50 meter carioca left, then right.
  • 50 meter butt kickers, then high knees.
  • 1 lap 5K pace, 2 laps 1-mile pace, 1 lap 5K pace
  • 1/4 lap easy, 1/4 lap hard, 1/4 lap easy, 1/4 lap hard. Repeato 3 more times.
  • 1 lap all out.
  • Stretch and come up with a name for Bill Lundquist, who was EH’d by R2D2, who had to leave before we finished. Moved here from San Diego recently. Was in Navy and spent time watching RADARs. Laser came up with the first suggestion which was immediately embraced as the winner…BLIP!


  • Welcome to the fun Blip!
  • Prayers for Trail Mix.
  • Smoky Mountain Relay team in need of 3 runners.
Man Down

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