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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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Running off the debauchery

  • When: 1/2/2019
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Roomba, Project, Sugar, Kilowatt, Steel Cannon, Sparknut, Heatstroke

7 Stoners decided it would probably be a good idea to start working off some of the New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day debauchery with a mild-weathered cruise/ruck.  YHC added on a little Marquette Loop to the infamous P route for extra mileage.  The plan was to do the loop first, but Sparknut astutely observed that doing it last would give PAX the ability to cut the run short.  Good point.  So with a disclaimer we ran the P, doubling back for the six as often as possible.  Sugar took off on a ruck to the front of the hood and back.  Sparknut’s IT bands were giving him trouble and he cut off the Marquette loop along with everyone but Kilowatt and YHC.  Roomba ran reverse down the greenway to finish up with KW and myself.

We return to a completely empty lot #peaceout.  Solid run of 3-4.7 miles or so for the PAX.

COT: Winter Party and Gremlin coming up this month.  Red Pill Challenge is coming…

Moleskin: Good run to start 2019 gents.  Weather was perfect.  Great job by Project and Steel Cannon, who are not normally the running type, but know this was good for them…now you two need some reflective gear.  Set some goals for yourself this 2019 and work towards them.  YHC has a full marathon, GoRuck HTL and GoRuck 50 mile Star Course on the calendar in 2019 and plan to really get after it to prepare and crush those events.  I also have personal goals (non-physical) I will be working towards this year as well.  I hope y’all find something that you can work towards as well.  Let’s make 2019 one of our best years yet!



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