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F3 MeCa | October 18, 2019

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Breaking all the rules at Speed

  • When: 12/21/18
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Gordo, Skipper, BOS, Hugo, The Nanny, Disaster

Three runners and three ruckers (plus some representatives from FIA)showed up at Highland Creek Elementary School on Friday for another edition of Speed. @Pavarotti has expressed to us on multiple occasions that we are not allowed to use the Vern on Fridays because it is a Bootcamp workout and not a Speed workout. But since @Pavarotti is away on a European vacation there was no one there to stop us from doing whatever we wanted to. After saying goodbye to the ruckers (BOS/Hugo/Nanny) who were dressed like a couple of hobos, the terrific trio set off on an extended trip towards the back bus lot as follows:


Run down the hill towards the main entrance. Take a left onto Highland Creek Parkway and run up and over the hill. Take a left onto Shelley Avenue and run to the guard rail. Take a left into the bus lot and stop at the light post beside the playground.


The Vern is a terrible, horrible thing that @Frodo introduced me to several years ago that I was glad to share with the PAX this morning. It consists of five sets of four exercises as follows:

  • 10 pullups on the monkey bars
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 air squats
  • 40 LBC

After each exercise the group runs to a basketball goal and back as follows:

  • First set – first basketball goal
  • Second set – second basketball goal
  • Third set – third basketball goal (post)
  • Fourth set – fourth basketball goal
  • Fifth set – small tree on the other side of the lot

At 6:05AM the PAX went back the way we came, Shelley Avenue to Highland Creek Parkway to the lower entrance and back up the hill. Jailbreak at the steps and back to the cars.

TOT (triangle of trust)

BOM and Prayer



  1. We started our morning in a light mist and hoped that most of the rain was behind us. No such luck. The skies opened up and we completed our first and second sets in a heavy downpour. @Skipper was smart enough to recommend that we complete the exercises underneath the shelter of the portico. Good call. Unfortunately we were pretty soaked by then so it didn’t really matter what happened after that. Better rain then cold I guess. Today’s workout was a balmy 50+ degrees and it was great to break out the shorts and t-shirts again.
  2. We completed everything as a group today so it was fun to catch up with the PAX  and get some second F in. @Skipper is hosting the in-laws for a few days over Christmas and @Gordo is heading to Greensboro over the break. YHC just got back from Atlanta and hopes to never drive on I-85 northbound through Spartanburg again.
  3. Prayers going out to @Skipper’s friend who has a nine year old daughter battling leukemia. Also prayers for anyone who has lost a loved one over the past year. The holidays can be a tough time for some people so please keep them in mind this season.
  4. @Sparky has his birthday Q at MCCP tomorrow so come out and show him your support. Coffeteria to follow along with the next chapter of the Q source grinder.
  5. @Pavarotti will be out again next Friday so I will take the Speed Q unless someone else wants to “run” with it (see what I did there?)
  6. January F3 events include the Gremlin and the Winter Gala. Check your F3 email for details.
  7. No bootcamp at Highlands next Tuesday. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Grinder

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to read about #8!

  2. Pavarotti

    What?! OK, I’ll let it slide this time. Thx for covering, Disaster. I’m also curious about #8 and why this BB is marked as “boondocks.” Did we change the name of Speed while I was gone? BTW – I’m in Switzerland today.

  3. Disaster

    Yeah this backblast is a product of our new and “improved” WordPress system. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of #8 or how to choose the AO (which apparently defaults to Boondocks). Chum has agreed to let us go back to the older more user friendly system. My lack of tech skills probably doesn’t help either.

  4. Disaster

    Hey look I fixed it. Apparently I should have been using my phone all along. Who knew? 😁

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