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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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12/12 = 12 Days of Christmas

  • When: 12/12/18
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Tugboat, Sausage, Bullseye, Flipper (FNG Brad), Mr. Rodgers, Spauldini, Habs, Terrible Towel, Turbine, Pharaoh, ReRun, Torch, Uecker, Beetlejuice, Yellowcake

YHC saw that today was going to be December 12th so no better time to roll out a ’12 Days of Christmas’ routine.  For some reason my watch is still on DST so first mistake of the day was to announce “It’s 6:30, time to roll”.  Pleased that the PAX was listening as several responded with “time for coffee”.

Disclaimer given, watch out for the black ice, off we went to mosey through the parking lot to warm up.


  • SSH x12 IC
  • IST x12 IC
  • Low slow squats x12 IC
  • Low slow merkins x12 IC
  • LBACs forward and backward

Mosey to the courtyard for the main event.  Quite surprised that no one was willing to lead in a continuous singing of the 12 Days of Christmas song.  There were a few who started and several comments made about ‘this would be easier if we had music’ but the PAX managed to make it through the routine all the same.

  • Day 1: 1 burpee
  • Day 2: 2 hand release merkins
  • Day 3: 3 jump squats
  • Day 4: 4 mountain climbers
  • Day 5: 5 merkins
  • Day 6: 6 SSHs
  • Day 7: 7 WWIIs
  • Day 8: 8 squats
  • Day 9: 9 LBCs
  • Day 10: 10 CDDs
  • Day 11: 11 monkey humpers
  • Day 12: 12 yurpees

That works out to be 364 total reps if you add up all the exercises.  Not too shabby.

Next, we ran around the courtyard for a few laps of 1- regular, 2- side shuffle, 3- flap jack, 4- skip (Torch says he can’t skip), 5- quadraphilia

Line up at the raised flowerbeds facing the half wall. 12 out and back to the half wall with a single hot pursuit each time.

At the raised flowerbeds

  • 12 incline merkins, 12 derkins
  • 11 incline merkins, 11 derkins
  • 10 incline merkins, 10 derkins

Uecker commented more than once that incline merkins don’t count for the Triple Nickel challenge.  Beetlejuice said maybe doing twice as many would equal half as much.  Hopefully the derkins made up for the difference.

12 step ups, each leg

At the half wall

  • 12 donkey kicks, People’s Chair with 12 air presses (good idea Habs)
  • 11 donkey kicks, PC w/ 11 ap
  • 10 donkey kicks, PC w/ 10 ap

Mosey back to the parking lot for the end of the session.  YHC didn’t want to disappoint so pulled out a crowd favorite- 1 to 10 Jack Webbs.  Always good to hear some grunting during those upper rep counts which means it’s worth it.

Circle up for Mary:

  • Crunchy Frog SC x12
  • Mason Twist IC x12
  • Table Tops IC x12 (thanks for the demo Pharaoh)
  • Low Flutter w/ hands over head IC x12
  • Abs w/ Habs to finish out the time

Recover Recover

Prayer requests / announcements

  • Prayers for Bullseye and family with loss of his father
  • Prayers for Highchair and family with loss of his brother
  • Prayers for family friend of Sausage who passed away
  • Prayers for Habs’ dad to get better, still in the hospital but at least able to speak now
  • TONIGHT, 6:30, Cabarrus Brewery– 2nd annual Dawghouse (and Afton) family event.  Come hang out, nothing more formal than that
  • Harrisburg F3 sponsored Christmas party at the Orphanage this Sunday, 12/16.  For more details, reach out to Kojak or Flipphone
  • The Gremlin coming up 1/19/19 at UNCC.  For more details, reach out to ReRun

Lock shields and pray it out 

Moleskin- I say this every time I lead but it is always encouraging to see a group of guys out at 5:30- this time in 20-something-degree weather- to exercise, to push, to chat, to support.  Guys challenging themselves to get better and putting in the work to make it happen.  None of that happens by mere thought alone, it takes action.  Doing it with a group of dedicated men makes all the difference in the world.  YHC would not do it alone and I’ve got years of experience to prove just that- I did nothing.  Until I finally gave in to trying F3, I didn’t realize how much more than an exercise group it really was.  I’m not sure my words of encouragement this morning came out exactly like I meant but my main point was that we don’t have to go this road alone- this road being life in general, physical fitness, raising a family, working on your marriage, dealing with stress, overcoming loss, and so forth.  When we become accountable to the group we form a bond that’s more than surface-level chit chat.  We become a group that can help us be the man we’ve been made to be, to be a leader, to be a voice of encouragement, to be strong, to be real.  No man is on the island alone.  I challenge you to reach out to the guy next to you and make sure he knows that too.  We each have a part to play in the bigger body- make sure you are doing your part.  I’d encourage you to read the Q source entry for 2.5.

Peace out homeys!


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