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F3 MeCa | May 18, 2019

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Triple Nickel Anyone??

  • When: 12/05/18
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: 4-Wide, Astrovan, Extractor, Schnitzel, Phidippedes, Thickburger, Shooter, Hop Hunter

YHC tried the Triple Nickel Challenge several months back and had to drop out about a week into the challenge due to some serious butt berry (#thatisnojoke).  Since Duece offered up1 last chance to try again to earn the TN patch in December, YHC decided to give it a go 1 more time.  8 Pax total rolled in for the hump day Beatdown. When YHC asked if any of the Pax were doing the TN Challenge… 0 hands were raised.  YHC warned the Pax that this Beatdown was going to be Merkin and WWII heavy and then we were off.  It went something like this.



Mosey to the tennis courts.

SSH , Hillbilly, Windmills , Cotton Pickers , MC 10, Merkins 10 IC  with some skips and butt kickers across the courts between exercises.


The Thang

  • Mosey across to the field by he courts
    10/1 – Merkins & WWIIs (run b/w)
  • Mosey over to the Offices for 4 corners
    • Lap 1 – 10 Merkins x4 (run to each corner)
    • Lap 2 – 10 WWIIs x4 (backwards run to each corner)
    • Lap 3 – 10 Hand Release merkins x4  (karaoke to each corner)
    • Lap 4 – 10 WWIIs x4  (karaoke to each corner)
  • Ladder at Shelters – 10/1 Dips and Step ups (run b/w)
    • Had to modify due to time.  Last set was 20 step ups each leg and 20 dips..


Low Dolly x20 IC, Low Flutter x15 IC, 1 minute H(abs)


Recover, Recover



  • Prayers for Booter’s arm recovery.
  • Healing of Hab’s father still in the hospital
  • F3 Louiville Pax
  • And all other unspoken prayer requests


  • Christmas Gathering on 12/12 at Cabarrus Brewery.  Bring the family.
  • Orphanage Christmas Party on December 16 at 5pm.
  • Gremlin on 1/19 at UNCC
  • F3 Meca Winter Gala Party on 1/26


It has been great getting back in the mix at the Afton AO.  This is a great AO with lots of growth potential.  Let’s get the word out… especially as the New Year is approaching.  Lots of men around us that could us F3 to keep those New Year’s resolutions.


Hop Hunter

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