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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Seven Santas and One Grinch for a Cold Cruise

  • When: 12/05/18
  • QIC: MeCa
  • The PAX: Buffalo Bill, Pavarotti, Bos, Kleanup, Hugo, The Nanny, Pony Boy, Barrister.

Eight brave men made the right decision this morning, brushed off the fartsack and went to work making themselves better.  Seven of those men decided to add some additional weight to make themselves feel more like Santa Clause on this first Wednesday of December.  The sole runner decided to ignore our invite to join the ruckers and pushed himself to the limit.  (Poor Buffalo Bill, will some runners come out and play?  I am sure he is getting lonely out there by himself.)  P.S. Buffalo Bill is not the Grinch, I just couldn’t think of a good back blast title.

The route was one Pavarotti and YHC had done previously with an additional romp through the good end of Masters Hill (aka not Pavarotti’s side).  The cart path down 10 and 11 and back up to the parkway and back to the AO.  Sounds short, but we got in 2.4-2.5 miles rucking this morning.

We had another Brinkley sighting this morning as well.  I guess he likes to sleep in on Wednesdays.

It was great having Bos join us, and it would be great seeing more of you ruckers join us as well.

To all of the runners out there, come out of hibernation and join Buffalo Bill.  He is putting in some serious work on Wednesdays.

Show to know.

Same F3 tTme, Same F3 AO



  1. Barrister

    As always, Ruck Wednesday was a lot of fun. Thanks for the second F guys.

  2. KleanUp


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