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F3 MeCa | July 20, 2019

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A Chicken in the Dawg House

  • When: 11/16/18
  • QIC: Chicken Strip
  • The PAX: Kojak, Rerun, Pharaoh, Uecker, Spauldini, Torch, Jordache, Terrible Towel, Hokie Pokie, Yellow Cake, Talladega, Buck, Hop Hunter, Turbine, Beetlejuice, Dr. Suess

Now that the rain has stopped (for a day at least) 17 Dawg House pax were out in force to prove the cold doesn’t bother them. A chicken was let loose in the Dawg House and the Dawgs went wild giving chase. Here’s what happened:

Mosey to courtyard making a loop in front of the school to literally warm up.
SSH x 33 IC (much complaining but the temp at the start was 33 degrees so the reps were set)
Mountain Climbers x 33 IC
Good Mornings x 16 IC

7 to 1 Ladder:
7 Step-ups (each leg)
Run a lap around the courtyard
1 burpee
Repeato 7-1

Mosey to staircase by track

Grab a partner
1 partner performs the exercises below while the other runs down the stairs and back
Exercises (perform 2 rounds each):
Plank Jacks
Jump Squats

Mosey to parking lot for suicides

Line up on one side of the parking lot
Run 3 parking spaces perform 5 burpees and run back
Run 6 parking spaces perform 10 squats and run back
Run 9 parking spaces perform 15 LBCs and run back
Run 12 parking spaces perform 20 merkins and run back
Run 15 parking spaces perform 25 squat jumps and run back
Run 18 parking spaces perform 30 Freddie Mercury’s and run back
Complete suicides while we wait for everyone to complete

Mosey back for Mary:
Crunchy Frog x 17 IC
Mason Twist x 16 IC
Pretzel Crunch x 15 IC (each side)


Lots of options for Sat:
Harrisburg Prerun @ 6
Afton Prerun @ 6
Turkey Trot Race @ 7
Harrisburg Bootcamp @ 7
Afton Bootcamp @ 7
Santa Scramble Race (Speed for Need) @ 2

(Apologies I may have missed some and got some times wrong check Slack for the most accurate and updated info)


Injured Pax, Wexler’s friend who suffered a heart attack this past weekend


Thanks for letting me guest Q this morning. It’s always fun exploring different AOs and meeting new pax. Hopefully everybody stayed warm I tried to keep the tempo of the workout up. Awesome to see 17 guys out in 33 degree weather!

Chicken Strip


  1. Talladega

    As one PAX said, glad it wasn’t any warmer than 33 today. Good job Chickenstrip

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