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F3 MeCa | July 11, 2020

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MeCa Q School – Skywalker Edition

  • When: 10/10/18
  • QIC: Heatstroke, Buckwheat
  • The PAX: Fedex, Love Seat, Boucher, Jiffy, El Sabado, Manwich, Poutine, Sparky, Black Sheep, Ambassador, Greek, Luigi, Dodger, Buckwheat, Heatstroke

0500 – 7 new…ish PAX rise early and step up for a little Q Schooling.  Buckwheat and YHC guide the PAX on some of the finer points of F3 as well as how to properly count cadence.  The PAX do extremely well.  Remember the 4 parts: Next exercise is…  Ready Position Move   In Cadence (or OYO)   Exercise   Here is a link to the actual Q School agenda right here.  Also, here is a valuable video for any prospective Q, from the co-founders of F3, on how to properly count cadence:

0530 – 6 more PAX arrive and it is time for the bootcamp training portion of the Q School.

Shorty Mosey then Warmarama: 5 or so of the new pax choose a warmup exercise and count cadence:

  • SSH
  • Merkin
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Windmills

The Thang: When we ran a Q School at RS a few months ago, Sugar went through a variety of different workout routines that are popular around F3.  It was solid, so no need to fix what ain’t broke.  Here is what we did, with doing as much of the exercises with the soon-to-be Qs calling the cadence:

  • WIB (Workout in a Bag) : Deck of Death – Suits = exercises – Number = reps in cadence – pull a few cards, knock out a few exercises and it starts to pour down rain.  Time to gather the cards and mosey.
  • Managing a crowd on the move: don’t just take off and never look back.  Lead by keeping everyone together as much as possible.  You can break up runs by stopping intermittently to perform an exercise or what we did…and indian run. We take off through the neighborhood to small park area under cover.
  • Another WIB: Sharknado – we scrapped this, but you can run this for the entirety of a workout.  5 exercises with lap inbetween – set number of reps – do it until Q calls time – try to get 5 rounds
  • Dora 1-2-3 – 123 stands for 100-200-300 with generally merkins, lbcs and squats – which what we did.  We scaled it down to 25-50-75 all in cadence.  Partner up.  One does the work and the other runs down the sidewalk and back.  Switch. Keep going until all reps performed.  Everyone stayed together in each group so that the new Qs could continue to count cadence on the work.
  • YHC had like 4 more workouts left, but we were short on time, so we went with 11s.  Pick two exercises and do 10 of one then 1 of another, then run down the sidewalk, then 9 and 2…always adds up to 11.  This can obviously be scaled up or down, and due to time, we scaled down to 6s with burpees and lunges.  We did this on your own (OYO.)

About time to head back for Mary, so group mosey it is with one stop to keep us together with WW2s in cadence, then back to the lot for one last round of 25 low flutters IC.

Recover, recover.

COT: Skywalker “for the kids” Friday beatdown – 10+ PAX = $100 donation.  National Service Day at CB this Saturday. Hit the Brixx 5K on Sunday.  The Gremlin (our MeCa Csaup) is coming up in January – get ready!  Prayers for Kool Aid and that his treatment goes well and that he is able to rest, get better, and get back out in the gloom.  Prayers also for Darth Visor and his family, friends and PAX on his passing.  Prayers for healing to Soprano and Peanuts who both sustained foot injuries and will be out for a while.


  • Big shout out to @buckwheat for Co-Q’ing this thing.  Every time he opened his mouth, #truthnuggets fell out.  Thanks brother!
  • Solid showing, and more than solid performance, from the new Qs – plenty of cadence practice out there.  They are new Qs, because as of this morning, they are ALL signed up to Q soon!
  • @poutine already has a Q or two under his belt, but glad you showed up my man!
  • @fedex good to have you out.  Didn’t think you were coming with radio silence when I mentioned it to you.  Nice job slow playing it as you “weren’t sure you would get up to post”:)  I was getting ready to try to get you on the Tradition Q Calendar…except you were already on it…tomorrow!  Nice!  Good luck, you will do just fine!
  • Tclaps also to the Stone contingent of @jiffy @loveseat @boucher @elsabado @manwich, way to show out and be ready to Q in November!
  • @luigi mildly suggested some Tunnel of Love in the pouring rain…we didn’t do it, but don’t tempt me
  • It is not easy getting up for an 0530 beatdown…0500 arrival time is even worse.  Great job fellas!
  • Appreciate the #f3skywalker gents let us use their AO for some schooling, and just in case you didn’t know, all beatdowns need to be followed by a back blast…or it didn’t happen…right Skywalkerenians??!!
  • If you need to get ideas on exercises and routines to Q an F3 beatdown, look below:


Always appreciate the opportunity to lead…and the opportunity to help others lead.





  1. Heatstroke


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