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F3 MeCa | February 21, 2019

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The Bricks Are Back!

  • When: 02/13/18
  • QIC: Alcatraz
  • The PAX: Pavarotti, Barrister, KleanUp, Brinkley, Chavez, Blacksheep, Gordo, Buffalo Bill, Disaster, Pony Boy, Gump, Shazam, Dodger, Ambassador, Sparky, Alcatraz

As the PAX gathered, small talk was heard pondering the impact of wind on clothing decisions.  @Disaster chose to look more like @Conchito this gloom while others let their heads and elbows breathe a little.  Those who ran to the AO commented about a strange collection of bricks they passed on the way in.  Shhhhhhhhhhh………….  That’s for later.  The disclaimer tried to remove any liability from YHC and F3Nation, but eventually concluded that @Gump is personally responsible for any and all catastrophes.

A mosey took a predictable start but then turned back to the MARY spot for…


  • SSH x 19
  • IST x 17
  • Mountain Climber x15
  • Cotton Picker x 13
  • Merkin x 11

YHC will admit that WARMARAMA is always predictable so it can be remembered for the backblast.  With the PAX predictably warmer and with no late comers, partners were found and a mosey began to the street.  Each man grabbed a brick on the way to HC PKWY and continued the mosey with the brick over his head.  Began switching the brick to each hand as the PAX made their way to the golf club.

In the lot second closest to the club partner bricks were combined for…


Partner 1 began the prescribed exercises with both bricks while Partner 2 performed the timer exercise and then switch.

  • Lunge with Pavarotti Brick Punch – run golf club stairs x 3
  • Hands On Bricks Merkin with Row – run golf club stairs x 3
  • Squat Curl Press – 50 LBC x 3
  • Hands On Bricks CDD with Front Wave – run golf club stairs x 2
  • No Bang Brick Burpee – run golf club stairs x 2

Mosey back with individual brick to…

MARY with Brick:

  • Reverse Crunch
  • The W
  • Pretzel Crunch – YHC had a little trouble incorporating the brick here
  • Box Cutter – no trophies for stellar coordination from YHC here either
  • Greatest American Hero with Vocals

COT and BOM!


  1. Great work today men!  @Gump passed YHC during the burpee round drafting off @PonyBoy on the way to the steps.  You go @Gump!
  2. There were 4 bad mother ruckers in the gloom – Barrister, KleanUp, Shazam, Sparky.  #DoingWork
  3. @Disaster admitted using the pretty colored free weights that his M doesn’t need any more since she purchased the heavier ones.  #PossibleEmbellishmentHere
  4. Remember @Sandman as he is recovering with a back issue.
  5. It took the bricks 15 months to make their way back to Highlands.  You can rest assured you won’t have to wait that long again.  #promise  #threat

Always an honor to lead the PAX!



  1. Pavarotti

    Great stuff as always, Alcatraz! It was a good mix of running and exercises.

  2. Disaster

    I’ll admit that I like the bricks more than the cinder blocks. But not a lot more. Good job today @Alcatraz. Thanks for leading us.

  3. Disaster

    And anyone that looks at my soccer arms knows that there is no way I possibly use free weights.

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