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F3 MeCa | October 17, 2019

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The Launch of The Mineshaft!

  • When: 01/06/18
  • QIC: AstroVan
  • The PAX: Pharaoh, Teen Spirit, Deuce, Schedule C, Anvil, Othello, Pleasure, Trail Mix, Brinkley, Sterling, Doc, Powerball, Class 5, School Bus, Jimmy Buffet, Steel Cannon, Blind Date, Guinness, Pavarotti, Charmin, Kleanup, Heatstroke, Brutus, Rawhide, Scarlet, Brooklyn, G Vegas, King Julian, Alcatraz, Genie, Laser, Liger, Mechanic, Oboe, ONJ, Sizzlean, Polar Bear, Ace Ventura, Bloom, Town and Country, Buckwheat, Madoff, Nick, (FNG), Luigi, Man Down, Grinder, Churchill, 2 Step, R2D2, Flyboy, Shooter, Gooney, Hugo, Dodger, Sugar, Fire Chicken, The Farm, Flea, Filibuster, Dingo, Drop Cloth, Solo Cup, Amway, Hawkeye, Rooster, Gunny, Catfish, Hot Wheels, AstroVan

When YHC was approached 6ish months ago about starting an AO in the UNCC area, I really hesitated. I was training for a Triathlon, work was busy, as far as I knew, I was the only F3 Pax member in this area and on top of all that, I have 7 kids and a wife to spend time with. Told them I would think about it and get back. After a few weeks, decided to take the leap, but wanted to wait till after the Triathlon and the Holidays (also, some internal symbolism that my first workout with F3 was the first Saturday of 2016). Still tepid on the idea, I started exploring AO opportunities. After a couple of dud locations, I tried out the college. My excitement for this whole venture exploded. The opportunity for creativity in workouts on the campus is endless. As someone who had AO hopped for the last 2 years, looking for different, challenging and creative workouts, I felt like I found HOME. Well Enough about YHC, let’s talk about today!

70 PAX showed up with the official Honda Civic Sponsored temperature being 11 degrees! With Q-drenaline flowing and Buckwheat covering the Six, we mosey’d ..

Circle up on the Star outside Halton Arena:

Side-Straddle Hops 15 IC (the cadence call was Electric here with 70 guys! .. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it!)
Cotton Pickers 10 IC
Low Slow Merkins 10 IC
Mountain Climbers 10 IC
Low Slow Squats 10 IC

Mosey to bottom of the Halton Stairs
1-5 Burpee Ladder at the top and bottom of stairs

Mosey to Colvard Hall (This is my favorite place on campus. I have always been intrigued by MC Escher Drawings and that is what this area reminds of)

Get into groups of 3. Partner 1 stays on one side and does Shoulder Tap Planks, Partner 3 goes to the other side of the stairs and does WW2 sit-ups. Partner 2 starts as the timer, running the stairs from Partner 1 to Partner 3. From there, take turns being the timer and doing exercises. Switch out Plank Jacks for the Shoulder Taps and LBC’s for the WW2’s, the second time around. Go until YHC calls time.

Mosey to the pond for:
Dips 10 IC
Incline Merkins 10 IC
Jump Ups 10 OYO
Incline Merkins 10 IC
Dips 10 IC

Mosey to start of Alumni Way
Announce a 9-1 Declining Ladder of Merkins at each of the light poles heading toward the Parking Deck. Once at the deck enter through the car entrance and start running up the decks. At each level, an exercise is posted on the wall. Continue with exercises up to the top, run back to bottom and start again until time is called. The Exercises were:

Carolina Dry Docks-10
Imperial Walkers-20
Mountain Climbers-20
Burpees-10 (sorry for these guys, needed the B)

Line up for Indian Run back to Cone Deck (Problematic PAX size was in full effect here)

Circle up for:
Low Flutter
Pretzel Crunch
Homer to Marge with a Low Dolly thrown in to the middle for no particular reason



Frigid Moleskin
– Amazing that so many guys continue to brave this ridiculous cold and post! Tuesday – 9 degrees and 15 at Rolling Stone, 16 degrees and 10 showed at Tradition Thursday, 10 degrees and Dingo showed to run the Mineshaft course with me yesterday and 70 today (and of course that was just where I was. The rest of MeCa and the rest of F3 showed out all week)!
– Good job to our soul FNG Nick! Nick is in my bible study, but was actually first invited to this workout by his co-worker Exit 54 (he wants no part of the 5:30 workouts I have invited him too :))
– We are in the need of PAX, when most of you return to your regular workouts next week. If you know guys in need of F3 or if you have campus connections, let me know!
– Great work to the entire PAX this morning. That was not an easy workout, but everyone hung in there and got it done! Nice work!
– Last thing if you will indulge me a bit longer. I was invited to F3 probably close to 2 years before I ever attended a workout. 9Lives in LKN actually ran an F3 workout at a charity cookout my family was sponsoring, but I sat on the sidelines and watched. It wasn’t until JRR Tolkien spent 6 months telling me about F3 before I finally went to that workout 1/2/16. I didn’t realize it was something I needed. There are men in your life that need it too. There are too many guys who are out there trying to do life alone. That’s hard! And an organization like F3 can really help them. I have seen it first hand. Keep EHing!



  1. AstroVan

    Thanks so much for coming out everyone!

  2. Man Down

    Great job planning and executing this inaugural beatdown, Astro Van!

  3. The Farm

    Good work Astro Van! I’ve felt like this is something you were meant to do for quite some time now. Glad you’ll continue to inspire men in a different capacity.

    What a way to celebrate two years of F3!

  4. Alcatraz

    Well done @AstroVan! Love the AO except that as I ran by some of the buildings I was reminded of my Calculus and Statistics classes. #fail #literally Sorry to disappoint @PowerBall as I know you maintain high mathematical standards.

    • Maybe if you didn’t disclose your mathematical struggles, I would simply continue to think you excel in all content areas.

  5. Tremendous lead @AstroVan. How awesome to join so many PAX who also ignored the frigid temps to christen the AO.

    Any of those data-driven runners track how much ground we covered today?

    • AstroVan

      Thanks Powerball. I got about 2.5 miles. Watch loses GPS in the deck so it was a bit more. Thanks for coming out!

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