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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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Crap! Jumanji is here….

  • When: 07/19/17
  • QIC: Gentle Grizzly
  • The PAX: Dingo, The Farm, LandLord, Jumanji, R2D2, Hot Wheels, Forgotten Jelly, Man Down, The Rock, Urlacher,

YHC decided as master Q I should sign up to Q a run every now and then at my AO.

@dingo and I pre-ran

@thefarm and @landlord were late to the pre-ran and couldn’t catch us fat rabbits

7 other men showed up making a total of 11 for a fun cruise through the business park – Route here

The title comes from YHC thinking “I’m going take the crown on ‘My least favorite Claude Freeman’ segment this morning”.  That thought left my mind once @Jumanji showed up, I knew he wouldn’t let it happen.  I had a similar thought about @LandLord but check Strava – I beat him by 2 seconds, so no more worries about @LandLord (This is where @LandLord goes back to that segment this afternoon and crushes me)


Thanks for posting this morning guys, it was a good route and a good morning for a run with my brothers.


F3 Dads – 7/22

The Academy @The Precinct tomorrow!

Men’s Breakfast at Stonebridge Church 7/22

No Crowder’s Mt. running this weekend due to F3 Dads




  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice route this morning GG. Good showing by all

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