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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Tradition Pax Attacked by Escapee Gang

  • When: 07/18/17
  • QIC: Guinness
  • The PAX: Royal, Billboard, Doc, Dutch, Phoenix, Seeker, Maximus, Dr Belding

9 courageous defenders of Tradition and the galaxy braved various trials and obstacles only to be even stronger and more determined. Here is what they had to overcome with their strength and focus:


Mosey to Waromrama

Side Straddle Hop x15 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x15 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Mountain Climbers x15 IC
Merckens x10 IC
Plank Jacks x15 IC

Mosey to wall of pain

Balls to the wall 1 minute
People’s Chair 1 minute with over head press x30

mosey to grassy area

Prisoner Get Ups x20
Plank Walk ups x20

Mosey to church entrance

10 Burpees
Lap of building and Mountain Climbers
10 Merckens
Lap of building and Mountain Climbers
10 Jump Squats
Defend yourself from missiles thrown by mayhem marauders
Lap of building and Mountain Climbers
10 WW2 Sit-ups
Lap of building and Mountain Climbers

Bear crawl to light
Crab Walk to dumpster
Lunge to pull-up bars

Partner Assisted Pull-ups
Partner Assisted Chin ups

Sprints x4

Mosey to Mary

Mason Twists X15 IC
Homer to Marge
Plank 1 minute

This morning began as a beautiful summer morning with a little humidity but pleasant overall. The Pax were ready for the challenge ahead. Balls to the wall was tough as usual. The pax overcame with flying colors. Prisoner gets ups was appropriate for what was to come later. A group of escapees from the Precinct were given unwritten permission to use the pull up bars out of the generosity of YHC. Later these same escapees requested to join us for some Merckens because they said and I quote, “We don’t know what to do next.” However, being the unruly and undisciplined bunch they wandered off. Later these same escape artists made an unprovoked attack, throwing dangerous water missiles, against the unarmed and unsuspecting Tradition pax. The missiles mostly bounced off the muscular and ripped Tradition pax leaving the convicts dismayed and despondent. Great job by all the Pax overcoming all obstacles. We will be seeing the Precinct Pax in the gloom in the future. Oh where is the justice?

– Book Study Friday “The Power Of Full Engagement” 6.30 am Bojangles, Mallard Creek
– Saturday Morning special Pre-Breakfast Beatdown 6:30-7:15am – Q’d by our own King Louie!
– Saturday FREE Men’s Breakfast and Speaker (Perry Tuttle– Clemson Tiger Football Hall of Famer and Charlotte Hornets Chaplain) 7.30-9:30am
– Global Leadership Summit August 10th and 11th

-Tripple Threat’s son Naim and Mother in law



  1. Guinness

    Truth and justice comments below,

  2. Man Down

    Fun times! Thanks for the use of the pull-up bars. The Academy is Thursday!

  3. Guinness

    You are welcome, @ManDown. Thanks for livening up our morning. You are welcome yo the pull-up bars anytime. I am going out of the country tomorrow for a couple of weeks. I will promote The Academy later but obviously I won’t be there. See you in August!

  4. Man Down

    Safe and splendid travels, friend!

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