BD Settles Down

5 Pax (yes, only 5), either Hip’s beatdown got everyone or I need to change up my Q game, rolled out in the gloom

There was a hint of a breeze with approximately 1000% humidity


– Run around the AO and down to the end of Union St
– Circle up and peform:
– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Mtn climbers x 15
– Merks x 15

Mosey to First Pres campus for the main beatdown:
– Sprints/bear crawls up teh drive through
– Repeato
– Loop around to WF parking lot
– In honor of subbing for El Avocado 20 step ups

Mosey back to First Pres
– hand/feet rail walk (you had to be there)
– bear crawl
– mosey to the courtyard and find some wall for 2 sets of 30 sec holds
– People’s chair
– Balls to the wall

Circle up, runner runs a loop around the church and serves as a timer, the remaining group does the following core routine:
– LBCs
– V ups
– KGBs
– WW IIs
– Plank


Mosey back to the AO, no time for Mary

1. Small numbers and old school workout was a nice change of pace
2. BD does not plan to “settle down” and while questioned by Rick/Tick almost lost his balance on the step ups and ate it El Ab style
3. Skinner knows everyone in Concord, also big thanks to Skinner for remembering to do the names and hates/respects
4. Hoping for quick recovery for El Avocado