A still, small voice…

Despite being sick and struggling to talk above a whisper i showed up along with 9 other tradition men for a soft spoken kettlebell beatdown.

Mosey around parking lot
Side straddle hop
Storm trooper
Arm circles
Cotton picker
10 burpees

15 squats,
15 overhead press,

20 Curls,
10 Sumo squats,
20 outhouse curls,
10 chest press,
20 curls
10 clean and press

Ladder (down by 2 until arrive at 6)
12 squats
12 lunges
24 chest press

Suicide curls (suns out guns out).

Mary: A peoples Q so that i didnt have to talk anymore.
Crunchy frog
Pretzel crunch

Announcements: My 31st bday is this month and i am celebrating it at breakaway sports by playing bubble ball soccer on sat, august 20th 8-10pm. $20 per person and we might go for a beer. Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Q school next tuesday the 16th at tradition.