12 PAX, kinda humid, mid 70s.


Warm up at the Track inner circle

5 burpees
10 IST squats IC
10 Merkins IC
10 stump Jumpers IC
10 Cross Jacks IC

Reverse Indian Run around the Olympic loop at Train at a train pace of 930

Mosey to Muckle Flugga with each PAX grabbing 2 pavers from Indy’s BIG BAD ASS TRUCK THAT WOULD CRUSH BDs TRUCK IN A MUDDER


2 stations and 1 big hill

At Bottom of MF near bridge

20 V ups with pavers

AT Top of MF

10 Walking Merks with pavers

Rinse n Repeat until time called

Mosey back to AO via The Alley

10 Hip slappers IC in the alley (Legs are on wall with body making a 45 degree angle; bring hand up to thigh and slap, now the other hand and back)

Mary with pavers

Weighted KGBs x 25
Weighted Supermans x 10
Weighted WW 2 x 10
Weighted Low Flutter x 10
Weghted LBC x 10


Running with pavers is hard. Grover even said so so it must be true.  They only weigh about 3-4lbs but it activates every muscle in the arms and core as you run so double the fun and burn.  There was some naying of the horses about us going the ‘long way’ to Muckle Flugga but it was ok. Lost no PAX.  Split PAX into 2 groups at MF for THE THANG. 1 group at bottom to start and 1 at top and you pass on the mountain.  KGB actually got smoked on the weighted KGBs. Made Q feel special.  REV Indian Run was done with train going at a pretty good clip.  Was a nice 400m sprint to start the morning out right. Thanks for the great turn out.  Pray for Brittany and her last minute ” I got a little something before saturday that I need you to sign prenup”.. As Homer would say…DOH!!!