Humpty Dumpty Workout

15 faithful showed up this cold fall morning for a wall conquering workout.

Mosey to old State Employees Credit Union back parking lot. (ACROSS FROM AO NEAR DEERTICKS PLACE)

SSH x 15 (IC)
Cotton Pickers x 15 (IC)
Merkins x 10

The thang:
Descending ladder of Burpees followed be Rock Hoppers starting at 10 and going to 1.
In between the 2 exercises climb over the 6 foot wall. After each set, run around the building through lower parking lot.

Mosey back to ASEC for Mary

Wall chair while doing arm circles for 2 minutes
KGB Twists x 30(IC)
WWII Sit-ups x 30
Upward Dog (1 min)
Superman to Banana (2 min)
Crunchy Frogs x 20 (IC)
Brazilians x 20 (IC) – Catfish Audible
Slow Freddie Mercs x 10 (IC) – Indy audible.

Great work by all. I was especially impressed with those height challenged folks getting over the wall 10 times. Special thanks to Catfish for the towel over the wall suggestion. That kept the meat grinder to a minimum. Thanks for letting me lead!

2 Tim 1:7

Ma Bell