Someone broke these burpees, and other things you thought you’d never say

5 PAX escaped their tempting fartsacks to post to this morning’s Pain Academy under beautiful crisp skies. 5 pax conquered their #sadclown in today’s chilly gloom.


  • Mosey to the Lower Lot
  • SSH x20IC
  • IW x20IC
  • WIND MILL x 15IC


Mosey to the big Track for Broken Burpees at 11s

  • merkins x1 @bottom of hill, jump & thrust x10 @top of hill, repeato till 10 @bottom and 1 @top
  • reverse gear up hill between each
  • Indian Run 1 lap to bus lot

Jump the Plank across bus parking lot to front of school

Wall Medley

  • People’s Chair Pyramid w/air presses x30, x40, x50, x40, x30
  • maintain chair while solo runner completes one lap around bus lot between sets
  • Donkey Kicks x20, x30, x40
  • on the six, heels on the wall, reach for your heels x20, x30, x40 (between corresponding sets of donkey kicks)


  • Mountain Climbers x10IC
  • Runner’s position stretch (right then left)
  • Pigeon stretch (right then left)
  • Down Dog Pose



YHC did not use much creativity for this wienke. The reader can find one very similar to this for The Vet 2 weeks ago. But what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in sweat and effort. And not even the chillier temps could stop the sweat this morning. The pax tackled everything YHC threw at them. Maybe he needs to make it harder.

Great job out there this morning gents. Let’s not forget to reach out to our brothers not present of late. Also remember the people of the City of Columbia. It’s a hard thing they have to go thru. If you can, then please help. There are teams going down today to deliver water and cleaning supplies. Look to the various Regional F3 twitter feeds to find more info.

Glory to God for another case of weak leading the strong. YHC is truly honored everytime you guys let him lead.