Return to Mugga Flacka

– Run to the bum wash, circle up

– SSH x  20

– IST x 20

– mountain climbers x 20

– merkins x 15

The thang:

Run to mugga flacka
– stop at the picnic tables
– dips x 20
– derkins x 15
– run to the playground
slide down the sldie
– sidewinders up the hill
– run to the tunnel (belly of the whale?)
– people’s chair/balls to the wall
– run around to the small hill
– bear crawls up and down

Mosey back to the AO, quadramania up teh hill on the way back to downtown

– KGB twists
– hello dollies by Hipbone
– deerticks by a Deertick
– superman merkins by Indy


  1. BCR claims to have been sick, but his  running pace would prove otherwise
  2. Catfish mastered the long run despite the bum ankle
  3. It is dark down in Mugga and you have to watch out for the strategically placed poles
  4. Slide was a lot more wet than Q expected, so was the grass on the hill while bear crawling
  5. Great effort by all
  6. Please get supplies to Hipbone by tomorrow as he is making a trip down to Columbia to help flood victims