Workout with Joaquin

Rock You Like A Hurricane!

Workout with Joaquin


Warm up under shelter at front of church:

Walkouts, Hamstring stretch, cotton pickers, air squats, arm circles

Mosey to Picnic Shelter

The Thang:

Tabatas – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Five sets of exercises, four exercises per set times two sets

Set 1

Push-up w/windmill each arm

Run in place

Crunchy Frog

Apollo Ohno’s

Set 2

Elbow Plank get-ups

Side arm w/crunch

Spin Squats


Set 3

Sumo squat w/ kick

Bird dog crunches (Alternating Superman crunches)


Plyo push-ups

Set 4

Stump jumpers w/side kicks

Jumping lunge

WW2 sit-ups


Set 5

Superman to push-up

Hillbillies (fast)

Jump squat


Mosey to Mary

Homer to Marge to Maggie

Freddie Mercks x 20

Plank w/side stretches (Indiana audible)


1. On a gloomy, rainy, windy, and generally sucky morning custom made for fartsacking, two

faithful pax answered the call for a rain-drenched Saturday morning beatdown.

2. All exercises were performed under shelters at ASEC out of the constant driving rain. There

was some discussion of bypassing the workout altogether and going straight to Starbucks for

coffee, but it was agreed by the two pax present that only Backdraft would do such a

cowardly deed in the face of inclement weather and therefore could not pass up the

opportunity for a character building workout.

3. A few new exercises were thrown into the mix today. You Tube is a wonderful thing!

4. Kudos to Indiana for showing up this morning and keeping the workout from becoming a

total bust!

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 10/03/15