Simple does not equal easy at MH Metal

3 pax braved the forecast and cast their bells for strength, for endurance, and for the betterment of their mankind.

Based on the 7 basic human movements by STRONGFIRST’s Dan John & David Whitley


  • 4 TGU’s each side
  • PAX 1 & PAX 2 = deck squats merkins, PAX 3 = 1 lap farmer’s carry
  • repeato till all PAX have carried a lap
  • PAX 1 & PAX 2 = LBCs, PAX 3 = 1 lap waiter’s carry
  • repeato till all PAX have carried a lap

Round 1 = 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest (:30/:30)
Round 2 = 40 seconds work with 20 seconds rest (:35/:25)
Round 3 = cancelled due to time

  • Alternating Swings
  • Military Press Left
  • Military Press Right
  • Row Left
  • Row Right
  • Snatch Left
  • Snatch Right
  • Russian Twist
  • Goblet Squat


  • Louganis x 10IC
  • Flutter kicks x 15IC



YHC was never sure who might show with forecasted downpours and chilly temps. But BC and CF proved their metal and took to the cold wet and fought back the fartsack. There was a couple of moans about the wet ground when YHC started with the TGUs, and a few more when he tried to demonstrate explain a deck squat till he audibled to LBCs. YHC clearly didn’t realize how draining the waiter’s carry would be for the shoulders after the merkin fest on the first lap. When it came time to HIIT the Basics, Chicken Fried enjoyed some Ska he was hearing from the blue box and BC did what BC does, crushed it (the bells that is, not the box). Time got away from us before we could finish our climb to 40/20 HIIT, so maybe next time.

Today’s MHMetal installment was a pure dose of simple reality; Nothing fancy in the plan and reality was chilly. Enough about the cold and wet.

Thanks gents for letting me stand in the lead spot. I know I look forward to the day you stand there too.

Thanks ChickenFried for the takeout today.

“Be strong and very courageous!” Joshua 1:7